Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vintage Poker & Playing Cards by the Etsy Vintage Elite Team

Poker is to cards and games what jazz is to music.  It’s this great American thing, born and bred here.  We dig it because everybody can play. - Steve Lipscomb, Mr. Lipscomb is the creator and Executive Producer of the World Poker Tour television series.

The perfect All American Gift  for the All American Dad on Father's Day.  Whether it's for game night with the boys or family night these vintage poker cards, chips and sets will delight!  Some consider learning and mastering poker an essential life tool.  While that is debatable, it certainly is fun and a passion for many because everybody can play.  Poker Run's and Casino Night's are popular fund raisers and in the tradition of game night we present you will some poker fun!

If you are interested in learning how to start a poker night with the boys or girls has a cute article to get you started.  For the less experienced, creating and printing out a little cheat sheet with the Hand Rankings is a fun way to include beginners.  Remember it takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master so, vintage poker sets, cards and chips will never go out of style and be enjoyed for years to come!  Perfect for the Man-cave!

A little Poker trivia:
Poker  vernacular  is steeped in our everyday language with phases like, "lay it on the table", "when the chips are down" and "bad beat"; along with silly quotes like "Old card players never die, they just shuffle away."  ~Author Unknown  There's even Poker Poetry posted on the web to get you in the mood!

Sat down at the table, and stacked my chips,
blank faces all, a few tight lips.
I eyed each player as I sat down;
it was so quiet, not even a sound.

Cards were dealt, I was the button.
Kings in hand, my face showed nuthin’.
Allin said the guy who was the small blind,
I had to wonder if I was behind.

I called and was relieved to see,
all that he had was off 2, 3.
Then came the flop, 4, 5, 8;
His smile so big, like it was fate.

Eight outs to sweat with two cards to go;
Time was ticking but oh so slow.
King on the turn, a sigh of relief.
Why do I put myself thru such grief?

He leaned back and said the river is mine!
I thought his comment well out of line!
If only the dealer would flip the card faster;
6 on the river, lost to the rag master!

He danced a jig, bragging so loud.
A sigh of regret flowed up from the crowd.
I shook my head and told him good game.
But truly I thought, THIS GUY IS SO LAME!

Posted on the Cardschat website by Soleseeker

So have fun and play!  Give Dad the gift of a wonderful vintage poker set or collectible for Father's Day! 

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HilltopTimes said...

WOW, quite a hand you've dealt with this blog! You've raised the stakes with this one! Love the info, suggestions, reminder that Dads do love cards and chips.

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