Friday, June 28, 2013

Etsy Business Profile: Reverse Chronology

Today we're chatting with Reverse Chronology about the story behind their vintage shop.

Tell us a bit about you and your shop.
We started Reverse Chronology on Etsy just over one year ago. We also have a space at a local antique and vintage mall here in Portland, OR, just a few blocks from our house. But Julie has been selling her art on Etsy since 2009, and vintage online since 2004. We met in 2009 and when we started living together a year later, we discovered our mutual love of the vintage hunt. We will dig through boxes and basements and so on, to find beautiful treasures for people's homes and lives. Our general rule is, if we don't love it -- or want to keep it for ourselves -- we won't buy it. This has proven tough from time to time, because we can't keep everything we buy, though we sometimes want to!

Is there a story behind your shop name?
While Reverse Chronology (which, in terms of writing, is a plot told in reverse order) might not be a perfect metaphor for living with vintage and antique items, we think it's fitting. While someone may think a certain vintage item is at the end of its life, our customers are just beginning with it. History is definitely one of the things we love about vintage and antiques!
How did you end up selling vintage? Is it your full time job?
We both grew up loving old things. With Raul, it was mostly cars. Julie's family had many family heirlooms throughout the house while she was growing up. The musty and dusty smells of old books and quilts was like home to her. She'd go through a large box of cabinet photos or long-deceased family members and make up lives for them. Then, one day she was driving to a friends house when she spotted a rusty, chippy outdoor table and chair set in someone's trash pile. She came back later with a truck, loaded it up, and sold it the following weekend. It's really true that sometimes one person's trash is another person's treasure. And in this case, it didn't have to end up in a landfill. It seemed like the perfect solution. Raul works outside the home as a software technician for a security surveillance company. Julie splits her full time work as an artist in her studio at home with vintage sales. But on the weekends they hunt for vintage treasures together. And every Tuesday they clean and stock up their local shop space together.
Do you have a favorite era?
We think when you buy what you love, the era becomes less important than the item itself. We have things in our home (and in our shops) that range from 20 to over 120 years old. When you buy what you love, somehow they can all work together.

Do you collect anything (vintage or not)?
Oh boy, do we! Julie has an obsession with old glass bottles (of all kinds, but unique pint bottles, colored glass anything, and baby bottles are among her favorites), and books. Raul loves scientific instruments, bar decor, and, of course, old cars (a 1952 Mercury being his favorite!)

Vintage wax container - Vintage brass lion brooch - Vintage hand painted teacup

Is there a special story about any of your sales?
The stories are another part of what drives us to buy and sell vintage. Like the woman who bought a rare 1950s magazine from us because her uncle's art was featured on the cover. Or the older gentleman who bought a 1920's Palmer Method handwriting booklet for his mother's 92 birthday. He told us her handwriting was always, and still is, perfect, and she always gave credit to the Palmer Method book she'd learned in as a child. We also sold a set of vintage letter press letters to the boyfriend of a printmaker. He gave them to her in a baggy, and she had to put them together, in the right order, to figure out what they said, "Will You Marry Me?" How fun is that?!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something Old, something Made, something New

This week I am happy to present the surreal, the fanciful and the exotic! My tendancy, is to be drawn to similar types of images depending on my mood. This week has been particularly interesting one at work and I have a need to rest when I am home. All three shops this week provide a visual meditation. Each in it's own unique way.

Something Old
 I'm not kidding when I say that I looked at nearly all the photos in this wonderful vintage shop! Fanciful and fun! Cody and April of DawnandRoss specialize in vintage photos, of all kinds! Some of the categories you will find are:
Travel Transportation
Beach, Lake, River, Pond
 and so much more!
There are over 2,000 photos in their shop, you will certainly need to check it out!!
From Left to Right - Funny Party, Old Dog, BFFs

Something Made
Handmade, stone and fiber. Nature and meditation. That's what these fabulous tactile beauties seem to whisper. Monica is the quintessential crocheter, don't you think?! Her shop, Monicaj, opened in 2007. Not only are her pieces of art unique, her technique is amazing! I love the reference to nature, both under the sea and in the garden ;) Such cool wedding gifts.

From Left to Right - Sunflower, mini crocheted pebbles, table decor
 Something New
This sweet shop opened in January of 2013. Meagan of Magpie Fine Art has taken her encaustic art to an ethereal level. These beautiful pieces have a magical and meditative impact on the viewer! I feel drawn by the depth of the work, the layers of wax. She has done a great job of getting her shop up and running. I love her images!

From Left to Right - Bird's Nest, Norcross Fountain, Follow Me

Monday, June 24, 2013

The First Harvest

Today, I would like to share the joy of the first fruits of the laboring gardener. 

The day has finally arrived. You have toiled and strove to create a beautiful, flourishing garden. You finally begin your harvest. The garden is green and blossoming. You walk out and immediately spot the ripe and ready produce standing proudly in your nutritious soil. The mission to collect your delicious crop has begun. You pull carrots, you pluck tomatoes, and you yank hardy beets. Gathering in your arms (or basket) your delicious goods, you walk inside to wash off the dirt and enjoy eating the fruits of your hard labor. 

Laboring to get the first fruits of your harvest is an exciting moment. You discover where you succeeded (and failed) in your efforts to grow an abundant garden. You see where you can learn more and where you have discovered how to grow the perfect vegetable. My husband and I picked our first harvest this past week, and it was exciting! From it, we created a salad that, for the first time, consisted of all our own vegetables. There is such reward and joy in picking and then eating our own food!

So I end this short, reminiscing blog with a couple questions: What joys have you experienced harvesting your garden? And, what is your favorite produce that you are looking forward to harvesting?
                           Happy gardening! 

Our first harvest.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You...


Hello, Eveteam and friends! Each Friday I will be bringing you a post dedicated to one of our brand new members. Today it is Lisa from Repoville. Take a minute to get to know her better! - - Anathalia

Tell us a bit about you and your shop:
I’m Lisa and Repoville is my shop. I turned 47 last month and live in Commerce Township, Michigan, which is a lake-filled suburb of Detroit. I live in a home with my husband, Dave, and two kiddos, Callie, 13, and Bryan, 9. I have claimed our first-floor den as my shop space/photo studio, but often overflow into the dining room. Our basement is filling back up, as well! Boo!
Is there a story behind your shop name?
I speak to that a bit in my About page. A longer version is that I am obsessed with possessions. I agree, kind of wrong, kind of gross. But by “repossessing” them, even for a short time, I fulfill my addiction and am thrilled to be the matchmaker when they are chosen from my shop. I have had some great convos about certain purchases and what memories a particular item brings back for the buyer. And I have always loved “-ville” as a suffix. Just smacks of campiness.
How did you end up selling vintage? Is it your full time job?
It is my only job, so it is as full-time as I wish to make it. I am just now starting to appreciate and take advantage of the flexibility that comes with such a situation. At first, it was much more a curse due to the guilt-induced pressure that I imposed at every turn… "I should be working on my shop…" was running my life and quickly stealing the joy out of something that I loved so much. That is indeed why I started selling vintage in the first place – absolute joy in finding and sharing nostalgic treasures!

When and how did you notice your love for vintage?
My mom passed along her love of unique style, so I have always tried to hunt down unusual finds. I definitely started with clothing and accessories. I was always very shy and rarely shared my words, but for some reason I had confidence in some not-so-obvious fashion choices! A moment that jumps out at me is a visit to an antique shop with my mom probably 20+ years ago. She had admired a beaded purse while I had my eye on a small chainmail bag. For Christmas that year we had both purchased one another’s coveted item for the other! I think vintage offers the perfect opportunity for some of the most thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift-giving!

Chainmail bag and beaded purse - perfect Christmas gifts for mom and daughter!

Do you have a favorite era?
Not really. I’m quite greedy in that I refuse to limit myself… I find myself wanting it ALL!

Do you collect anything (vintage or not)?
I can’t seem to stop buying coats… some vintage, some not. I also was on a kick a few years ago when I collected vintage religious medals with the intention of creating a jewelry line called The Holy Ghost – I had a logo drawn up and everything. Still could happen. And there was a time that we had seven couches in our house.

Estate sale fashion finds

Is there a special story about any of your sales?
My fave is the Manning Silver Maxi Dress story. I noticed the last name of the buyer was Silver and decided to ask if there was any relation or if it was just a coincidence. Turns out she was the daughter of Manning Silver, the dressmaker, her father. Her mother was the designer of the team and she was looking for a way to celebrate her mother as the 2nd anniversary of her passing was approaching. I found her endeavor so touching and was thrilled that I was able help her make a connection to her parents’ legacy!

Manning Silver dress

Anything else we didn't ask and you'd like to share?
I was kind of hoping for, “What is your favorite curse word?", like on The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton. I would have said, Son of a B----.

Thank you, Lisa! We love your stories!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Etsy Worldwide Wonders

 Nothing is as fun as finding a new shop on Etsy - it gets tagged as a Favorite, and usually I will favorite items as well. That means that most of the people that are following me will see that I have done that . . . if there are 800 people following me . . . and 10 of them favorite that same shop . . . well you get my drift! That is pretty powerful!

Marion of Lenoirr Photography opened her photography shop on June 10th, a mere 9 days ago! Wow, right! Let's show her some EVEteam love click on the link and favorite her shop - or a few of her items! I really like her images, and her courage. That is what it takes to open a new shop! Welcome to Etsy, Marion!

Oh my goodness! Domatoma is so much fun to romp through. If you are looking for a gift for all ages, here you go!  These sweet creatures and beautiful hats are great as baby gifts, shower gifts and bridesmaids gifts (can you see all of your bridesmaids wearing a flower pin). So cool! The photos certainly set the mood for play!

Mid century modern has grown on me! In the way that makes me want lots of it! When I ran across Sun in the Box recently I was totally smitten! Andra's shop is dedicated to West German ceramics - she does have some other fabulous goodies too. The "Fat Lava" glazing, design and color all speak to me. They are stunning! And the variety is truly awesome. How long can I make it before I actually purchase one!

Friday, June 14, 2013

What about Hydroponics?

Gardening for many of us involves the feel of fresh dirt beneath our fingertips, the smell of wet soil, and the anticipation for the harvest. For gardeners, it seems that soil and space are key ingredients to having a healthy, thriving garden, but what if it wasn't? What if you could grow more vegetables in a smaller space with no soil and recycled water?

With a technique termed hydroponics, this is in fact possible! The idea of hydroponics has actually been around since the 1600's when Francis Bacon published a work about growing plants without soil. Since then, hydroponics has evolved into a gardening and farming technique used to grow organic, healthy, and large quantities of produce. You are able to control the plants' environment and also, due to no soil being needed, you eliminate problems the soil may have as well as pests that could harm your plants. 

But how can plants grow without soil? Plants don't necessarily need soil to grow, actually. It is the nutrients in the soil that they seek and they can get these nutrients by simply being added to the water. 

There are multiple ways to do hydroponics. Here are a few examples:
Drip System Home Hydroponics!

Example of a Drip System. 

This is the simplest form of hydroponics:
The Wick System

The Wick system uses wicks to transport the
 nutritious water to the plants

The roots grow down reaching the
constantly moving water which keeps
the roots moist. 
Nutrient film technique requires no medium.
Just a drip system and a nutrient pump.

You can even have fish give nutrients to the water through a similar process called aquaponics!

The fish are in the bottom and the nutrient
filled water is transported up!

Aquaponics! The fish do the work for you!

Hydroponics helps in many aspects of gardening especially if you have little space. It can be done inside or outside AND help save money with water by recycling or using a simple drip system. There are different types of hydroponics to choose from and more information on this can be found HERE

Personally, I am excited to try hydroponics in the near future to see how it works. Thanks for reading and happy gardening to all! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Old, The New and The Handmade

You all know that I love to find shops to share! This week I have three that feel like summer - - in an abstract way - feelings aren't always literal. They come and go, and what we see, purchase and have in our homes reflects who we are.

Marmen of French Attic Finds has been a favorite vintage shop of mine since I first started selling on Etsy. The ease with which she seems to stock her shop, and the particular french feel have touched my heart. My french ancestry gives me a strong sense of connection to her beautiful items. And she is celebrating her second year on Etsy!! What fun!

From Left to Right - Vintage Metal Coat Hooks, Escargot Bowls, Le Creuset Enamel Pot
Did I mention that my husband just completed his first year teaching at a new High School here in San Diego - and that he teaches ceramics! That means that I am fascinated by ceramics! I find so many lovely shops on Etsy and just found this one. Sean O'Connell works in porcelain and his glazing is abstract and has a depth of emotion that I find so peaceful. Each piece is a work of art and the fine detailing is charming!

From Left to Right - Lidded Jar, Desert Plate, Cocktail Cup
A newbie - - that's what we call new shops on Etsy. When I was new, my photos were lame, my prices were lame, and I didn't know what I was doing. Eden of Eden Some, on the other hand has a shop that totally rocks! From the getgo! His paintings are energetic, abstract and cohesive! The colors are pure summer to me, and the composition feels right. He has lots to choose from, originals and prints - he opened his shop on January 1, 2013. What a great way to start the year!

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Hint of Mint

Growing bug free vegetables is the challenge of every gardener. No matter which part of the world you may live in, the bugs come seeking to devour your precious plants. Rather than use insecticide, there are many natural methods to repelling these bothersome creatures.

Mint is a common herb but one that can help in this endeavor. It is a hardy plant, and it can grow in almost any environment. It brings a fresh fragrance to your garden, but it also serves as a bug deterrent to ants, flies, fleas and even mice. It doesn't just repel, though. It attracts a gardener's favorite friend: the earthworm.

 To begin planting mint, you can start from a seed or buy a plant. Buying the plant is suggested since mint takes longer than others to sprout and come to maturity. Make sure to plant the mint in a location that will receive the bright morning sun but some shade in the afternoon.

The one downfall to mint are its roots. Although it will not choke your other plants, it can quickly take over a garden. It spreads its roots outward while sprouting new leaves, and it can soon become a pesky weed rather than a simple bug deterrent plant. To keep it in check, many have suggested the use of mulch around the plant as well as constant thinning.

As it matures, the mint will continue to grow steadily, and its leaves can be used for many things inside the kitchen. One of my favorite things to do with mint is add it to my black tea. This gives it a lovely, subtle hint of flavor.

Mint is a perfect plant to add to your garden bed for this growing season. Enjoy gardening! :)

-----Amanda from D n' A Riser

Etsy Business Profile: Vintage French Linens

Today we're chatting with Nan and Dermot from Vintage French Linens about their history and love for vintage!

Nan and Dermot from Vintage French Linens

"First I want to thank EVETEAM for giving  me such a warm welcome! And now I have a chance to introduce myself here. This comes at a good time for me as I was feeling somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of the Daily Banter when I had a flare-up of a chronic malady (not interesting!) and so was doing much less. I've tried to keep up by doing Team Treasuries which I really enjoy! Now, I am back in the swing of things and feeling great.

So, here is a little history of me ('us' really, as my husband is my full partner in this) and our shop.

Back in the States I had been for many years a kindergarten teacher, which I loved, as well as being an Artist which was my true calling and passion, but as most of you will know, a hard way to make a living. I had bought many years ago, after divorce, a little ruin over here in France with the hope of fixing it up slowly and perhaps retiring here someday... In the meantime it was going to be my vacation getaway.

Then, almost 8 yrs ago, when I was 59, through mutual friends, I met ...and then married, an Irish guy also with a house here in France. So I sold my house and moved in!

Nan and Dermot garden. Isn't it beautiful?
But I needed something to do. But what? I loved visiting the many flea markets ('Brocantes') held all over France and had a 'stash' of stuff I had purchsed over the years, much of it for pennies so I started the business with that. In particular I had a large collection of the beautiful linens ... hence the name of the shop, 'FRENCH VINTAGE LINENS AND ANTIQUES'.

Damask tablecloth - Hand knitted bed coverletCotton Piquet pillow cases

I also had an attic full of 'stuff'....the kinds of things you see in my shop that I bought just because I loved them...plates, handwoven baskets, enamelware jugs, oddities, and so on. Luckily, even though prices are higher, we are still able to find all sorts of treasures to fill our shop.

We started on the 'Other' site...and almost immediately had success. We were selling to people all over the world, (32 countries at last count!), by sitting here at the computer out in the middle of nowhere in rural France! Of course there was lots of washing and ironing and all the rest but it was exciting and fun. My husband has been my total partner in all this by taking care of all the tedium of records, financial stuff and general admin. tasks, plus he is our Packing and Shipping Dept....then he almost always does dinner!!

A couple of years ago, a friend here in France told me about Etsy. I took a look, joined on the spot, and set up my shop that evening. What a huge difference from the "Other" site! What had become something of a chore, with all the rules and hassle of the Big Guys, became a new pleasure. Although we still maintain a presence 'over there', Etsy gets 98% of my attention and we definitely have far greater sales here. I love Etsy -- whatever issues there are with it, it is SOOO much better!

On the weekends during the spring, summer and fall we go out on scouting trips in our old caravan. Often we spend the weekend at a site with hundreds of others, mostly French but with a good smattering of Brits, all doing the same thing we are and it is jolly good fun. We arrive on Sat. afternoon, set up, have a BBQ and then to bed early as we will be up at dawn to set up our stand. We sell things that we really can't sell in the shop like small furniture and other things too bulky to ship. While my husband mans the stand, I fan out and shop for our Etsy shop amongst all the other stands. By being there on site in the early morning I have a good chance of getting some real bargains before the public begins pouring in around 9:30 or 10:00.

Vintage French Enamelware Bucket 
I will add that I have a son, my husband has a son and a daughter who is the mother of our 3 grandchildren! I adore them all.

I do maintain a relationship with my own art work and find that I do that more and more. I have a passion for gardening and have lots of gorgeous roses in bloom, and lovely tomatoes are coming on! I go out and walk 3 mornings a week with a wonderful group of women. This is a salvation in many ways.

I will end by saying that Etsy (and now the Eveteam!) have been a great source of pleasure for me. Never in my life did I think I would run a business, a successful and profitable business, but here we are, and I love it."

Monday, June 3, 2013

In The Garden of EVE

The Secret Hideaway - By Amanda of D n' A Riser

Organic Sunflower Seeds - TheLittleRagamuffin

As May moves past us and we step into June, the gardens we have diligently planted and watered are sprouting forth. The anticipation for fresh vegetables and fruits is enticing, and the excitement to pick the first ‘fruits’ of our labor grows. The focus, though, is not just on what our gardens will produce but also the fun that can come from growing plants from seed to maturity.

As a future teacher for elementary students and a child at heart, I am constantly looking for ways to excite my future students when it comes to nature and gardening. How many have heard of sunflower houses? Cozy and secure, these giant flowers can become a place of safety and secrecy for any kid, young or old.

As a child, I remember going to my cousin’s house where a small garden grew. It was here that my love for sunflowers blossomed and the discovery of a secret hideaway was found. The tall, giant flowers stood high and concealed me from the world as I snuggled in the dirt to read my next mystery book.
From Left to Right - Moonlight Micro Farm - Claire81400 - Jacquelyn Vaccaro

I go back to this feeling of comfort and realize this is a perfect activity for students or kids. It gives kids a chance to see their work come to life before their eyes and then explore the secret hideaway they created.

It is not too late for planting some last minute seeds and create this wonderful little house that can be enjoyed for the summer to come.

 “My summer home is the fairest of all,
With a morning glory roof and sunflower walls!”

Directions for a Sunflower House:

1. Get a variety of seeds for sunflowers ranging in size, color, and height.
2. Pick a spot for your future sunflower house that is in a spot that will get a lot of sun.
3. Dig out the shape of your house. It can be a square or a circle. Leave a gap for the entrance.
4. Plant and water as directed.
5. Enjoy!