Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wedding Table Linens

 Creative Frugal Vintage and Antique Table Linens 

Cream Ivory and White Table Linens

Vintage and Antique Wedding Table Linens

For your intimate wedding using purchased vintage tablecloths and napkins is an exceptional frugal way to make the most of your table dressing budget.  By mixing and matching eclectic colors, patterns, and textures of vintage linen tablecloths and napkins you will create enchanting tables; each a perfect expression of the romance of the day.  Imagine the fun of  selecting and creating several a one of a kind table dressings.  A lace table beside an Irish linen table sitting alongside a hand crocheted table setting.  Seating your guests at individually styled tables will help you to create that special intimate atmosphere your wedding deserves and a rich personal experience for each guest.

Exquisite table linens for your wedding reception table settings are a wonderful way to turn a wedding expense into an investment.  Considering the average linen rental cost per piece, it's just like offering you a $12.00 to $20.00 dollar discount on the purchase of antique and vintage tablecloths.  When you rent tablecloths and napkins you have them for a day; when you purchase vintage and antique linens you own them for life!  It is a beautiful frugal way to invest your money in your home housewares and a great place to begin your family traditions.

It does take a little additional planning; but the payback is worth the time by building your personal collection of linens for you new life and home together.  Asking immediate family for linens as an "advance" wedding gift is one way to defray the cost and will add special meaning to each piece of linen selected.

Below you will find photographs with links to listings (under each) of vintage and antique tablecloths and napkins perfect for your wedding reception/dinner all from our fine EVETeam Shops on Etsy.



Moody said...

I love the thought of mixing and matching the linens. Wonderful eclectic mixes...

Great post!

HilltopTimes said...

Sometimes there is nothing more soothing and inviting than vintage table linens. This is a wonderful piece of info. The photos are fabulous. Many thanks!

Lydia McCauley said...

I love your idea of investing in linens instead of renting them. This is so nicely done. Thank you for featuring mine!

Miss Farfalla said...

What beauties! I love linens. This is terriffic! Great ideas!

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