Monday, June 25, 2012

The Artist House

Old homes appeal to me on so many levels... The history, the architecture, the furnishings...

On a recent trip to Key West, we had the opportunity to stay in The Artist House, a Victorian style B&B built around 1890.  Touted as one of the few mansions on Key West remaining true to its original style, design and layout, I found it both charming and elegant.  Most famous for it's history as a "haunted" home, The Artist House is one of the most photographed homes in Old Town, apart from the Hemingway House.

Street view of The Artist House - June 2012

I could tell you all about the original owners and Robert the Doll, but I'm sure there are plenty of places for ghost stories apart from here.  After staying in the Turret Room and experiencing nothing other than a great night's sleep, I'll leave that story for others.

View from the stone and iron fence

I would prefer to draw your attention to the original doors and hardware, the two floors of wood balconies, and the front entrance.  I believe they all are breathtaking.  My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures of the inside.
View from the front entrance
2nd Floor Balcony off of the Turret Room

NE side with view of Turret

Exterior Stairwell

I've also included some photos of furniture and furnishings that are similar in age and style, but aren't actually from the home.  The good news is, these are actually for sale.  Click the descriptions for more info.

Antique Piano Stool
Framed Photo of Girl

Antique Scale


gazaboo said...

Looks like a fabulous place to stay.
Love the architecture and all the finishing details. Wonderful that such places remain as they were to remind us of times past.

HilltopTimes said...

You don't scare me with all this great info. The history and architecture of these places are fascinating. You have truly added to the splendor and knowledge of these historic sites. Great blog, Moody, as always.

Niftic Vintage said...

This looks like my type of get-away! Thanks for the insight and the glorious pics!

Roselle said...

LOVE that house...I don't know how you guys were able to leave. But I guess the owner wouldn't have been to happy with two new permanent live ins! LOL

Seaside Rose Creations

Traci Moody said...

If any of you find yourselves heading to Key West I can not recommend any more highly The Artist House. The home was so comfortable and lovely. I didn't want to leave and the giant, blue claw foot tub was the perfect place to soak after a long day of walking.
Great job Scott.

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