Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Introducing Wacky Wednesday of the Etsy Vintage Elite Team Blog

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday Old Movie Night!

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday on the Etsy Vintage Elite Team Blog!  Hump day deserves a celebration so each Wednesday we'll celebrate some wacky theme be it cigars, circus sideshows, dental and medical "stuff", steam punk, the macabre or silly things like tacky tourist day or funky hat day. Today we're celebrating Paramount Pictures 100th Birthday with Old Movie Night.

Paramount Pictures turned 100 in May and brought together some blockbuster stars to pose for one photo which is featured in Vanity Fair magazine. Paramount is the only remaining studio maintained and located in the Los Angles area known as Hollywood. According to the Vanity Fair article Paramount was "founded in 1912 as the Famous Player Film Company." Vanity Fair and Yahoo posted an interactive close up of some of the past centuries celebrities as well as directors and the movers and shakers of the movie industry. Its a fun read with an amazing interactive photograph which can be seen here:  

Looking at all those stars gathered together reminds me of the old Studio system days and the "Hollywood Gossip" reels which would play prior to the big feature at the movies. How missed are the days of the first epic films, glamour, scandals and gossip by Hedda Hopper.

Paramount brought us productions from Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. DeMille and more recently Stephen Spielberg. Stars like Douglas Fairbanks, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Bob Hope, the Marx Brothers, Kirk Douglas, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. I could go on and on but I don't want to spoil it all for you! With blockbuster movies like the first two Godfathers, Indiana Jones, Titanic, Braveheart, and Forrest Gump; you'll just have to check out the Vanity Fair article and the interactive photo for all the details and faces which made movie magic and magical movies!

We the Eveteam on Etsy prides ourselves with bringing the you best in vintage old movie cameras, vintage lighting, film splicers, movie reel boxes and memorabilia to collect and decorate your TV room or Home Theater. Topping it off with cool paper ephemera, glassware and serve-ware for an authentically fun movie night! All the items pictured above are available for sale in our fine shops. Remember, when searching on Etsy select Vintage from the pull down menu and enter eveteam before your search term to see the best vintage!

Paramount, Happy Birthday! from the EVETeam, we salute you and as Bob Hope would say 'Thanks for the Memories'!

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tracy said...

Love old movies ~ of course old is relative :) Love old Hitchcock movies & I love old cameras and photos (Hollywood & not)! Check out our team's inventory for some cool vintage camera's and Hollywood photo's etc...

Love Wacky Wednesday :)

HilltopTimes said...

Thanks for reminding us of all the memories. The movies, the stars, the gadgets and gear, and the great movie items from the EVETeam shops. This is Oscar quality on Wacky Wednesday!

Miss Farfalla said...

This is SO cool! I'm an old movie junkie. New movie junkie. TCM could be running 24 7 and I'd be fine. This is a fabulous post... wonderful!! And I agree... Oscar quality!

Whimzy Thyme said...

Love all movies. My all time favorite is Gone with the Wind. Oh to be Scarlet!

wretchedshekels said...

anytime from silent films to hand luke, you can't go wrong in that time frame! can't wait to see the next wacky wed!


Moody said...

Great post! Thanks for the Vanity Fair link... so cool!

Niftic Vintage said...

Fabulous and nostalgic post! As a total fan of the forgotten film and the strange this was a especially good read! Thanks so much for the Vanity Fair link and reminding us of some of the glories of the past.

Miss Farfalla said...

Love love love love and an addict for old movies! Great info! Fab post!

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