Monday, June 4, 2012

Eye Candy: Libbey Glassware

On a hot summer's day, nothing is better than some iced tea or lemonade in a pretty vintage glass! One of my favorite vintage glassware makers is Libbey Glass. Their patterns range from sweet florals to glam designs.  Which style would you like to see in your vintage kitchen?


top left ScoutsVintage; top right LSvintage; bottom left Pickerspantry; bottom right mothrasue


top left WiseApple; top right compostthis; bottom fallaloft


top left compostthis; top right NeedorWant; bottom left tapestrytwine; bottom right TheVintageResource


top left LoverlyVintage; top right behindtheorangedoor; bottom left whitecatvintage; bottom right Junkfulltreasures

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to come across two of the above sets of glasses (the lilac and white floral glasses and the green and red Asian glasses).  The lilac glasses happened to come with their original advertising insert, which was quite a treat to find!  I scanned it, and here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Front of Libbey Glass advertising insert

Glass size and use guide inside Libbey Glass advertising insert
Back of Libbey Glass advertising insert.


Moody said...

Wow! I've seen Libbey glassware, but never knew there were so many great designs! You may have just started a new addiction for me. I'll send you the bill for my recovery... ;)

Anathalia said...

They are all beautiful, but my personal favorite is fallaloft's! I love the pates stripes!

HilltopTimes said...
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HilltopTimes said...

This could not be more lovely and informative! I never knew... thanks so much for this great post.

Roselle said...

I've admired Libby glassware in the past, but never realized the extent of the styles they had! I am loving the pastel strip ones!

TheInspiredTrader said...

I love vintage glassware and barware. These are some of the nicest examples I've seen. The Asian kitty cat glasses definitely make me purr!

tracy said...

Hmm I don't think I can pick a favorite! Too hard but I do love Libbey glasses & the info you shared Scott said another thing to add to the vintage addiction list :)

Whimzy Thyme said...

I so love these cool vintage glasses. I have a fantastic set in my Shop right now and a few more to list. Give post. Thanks!

Niftic Vintage said...

Gotta LOVE the Libbey! Fabulous insightful article!

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