Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EVE Team Review: Best Shops of the Week

The finds this week are inspired by growing up in my house in Half Moon Bay. Looking back, I see that there were plenty of beautiful things about being a country girl.

Newbie Shop of the Week: Fearless Fawn

Capturing a certain feeling makes photography one of the art forms most likely to bring tears to my eyes. Not only is Patrick able to evoke emotion with his images but I also get the sensation that I am walking along the familiar paths of my childhood. The beach and woods are where I am most at home.

Photography by Fearless Fawn.

Vintage Shop of the Week: 2nd Look Vintage

I come from a long line of knitters and crocheters. So when I came across Lauren's shop I was totally jazzed. She has a full range of beautiful patterns broken down in her shop by decade. I have had great success with the PDF files from pattern shops on Etsy. And how cute is that bag?

From left to right: crocheted blouse pattern, doctor bag pattern, crocheted blouse pattern.

 Handmade Shop of the Week: Butter Blossoms

It's either my French heritage or the Scottish Highlands side of my family but there was a constant baking of cookies when I was growing up. Not pies, not cakes and not bread - cookies! So many different types; from sweet sugar cookies to date bars, to crazy chocolate! If you haven't tried ordered cookies on Etsy, I highly recommend it. Your mouth will water just perusing this sweet shop!

From left to right: rosemary pine nut cookies, raspberry white tea cookies, chocolate espresso cookies.

Monday, April 22, 2013

EVE Team Finds: Boston Strong

Artisans across the nation honor Boston with a spirited collection of Beantown-inspired goodies on Etsy:

1) Boston skyline print, Wild Blue Yonder Design; 2) Boston neighborhoods art print, Jenna Sue Design; 3) Boston typography art, Going Underground; 4) Vintage map with embroidered heart, Refashioned; 5) American flag iPhone case, CRAFIC; 6) Vintage-style t-shirt, Geenyus Posters; 7) Fenway park photograph, Richard Gulezian Photo; 8) Sterling silver bead, Silver Mist Beads; 9) Boston skyline card, Loose Petals.

Written by Jaime of Hound Dog Digs Vintage. Jaime lives in Mississauga, ON with her husband and their rescue dog, Maple. She writes for and in her free time can be found at Yankee games, taking photographs, scouring rummage sales or reading classic literature.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

EVE Team Review: Best Shops of the Week

In the big picture, laughter and fun play an important role. I love it when I find shops that have quality items and a sense of humor.

Vintage Shop of the Week: Tipple + Snack

Though it sounds like a British breakfast snack, the inspiration for this shop's name comes from the title of a 1931 cocktail guide, which totally sums up the feel of this vintage shop. There's something quirky about the collection of retro finds that draws you into each page... maybe it's those fabulous French swim trunks?

From left to right: vintage door sign, vintage bathing trunks, vintage sign.

Handmade Shop of the Week: Frighten

I admit that I've been a huge fan of the slightly odd and surreal all my life. That's why I love Mari's shop - not only is her sense of style is so unique but because almost every image makes me chuckle. Take it from someone who knows odd - these fanciful collages will be the perfect conversation starters hanging above your mantle. Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

Mixed media collages

Newbie Shop of the Week: Aluma

Aluma opened in January of 2013 with a spectacularly fun vibe right out of the gate. The marvelous construction of each piece of clothing is captured perfectly, and the color choices are just plain fun! This shop makes me wish I still had small children. Hmm... there must be someone I can buy those cool pants for. 

From left to right: printed toddler pants, kids sweatshirt, kids crochet poncho.

Monday, April 15, 2013

EVE Team Finds: Rainy Day Clues

Don't let the proverbial April showers take the spring out of your step. Beat the rainy day blues with these inspiring Etsy finds! 

1) Upcycled dictionary wall art, Stay Gold Media; 2) rain cloud rubber stamp, Creatiate; 3) oil painting print, Michele Maule; 4) vintage umbrella, Big Bang Zero; 5) vintage picnic basket, Brightwall Vintage; 6) dog rain coat, Voyagers K9 Apparel; 7) vintage blanket, Ani and Rose; 8) shrink plastic brooch, Annie's Fingers; 9) vintage raincoat, Blue Fennel; 10) park bench wall decal, Stickerbrand; 11) stoneware mug, Back Bay Pottery.

Written by Jaime of Hound Dog Digs Vintage. Jaime lives in Mississauga, ON with her husband and their rescue dog, Maple. She writes for and in her free time can be found at Yankee games, taking photographs, scouring rummage sales or reading classic literature.

Friday, April 12, 2013

EVE Team Spring Special - Put a Bird On It

Ceramic bird plate, Yell & Panic

"I'm not a bird watcher; I'm a birder."

That's a quote from my mother who has been 'birding' in our hometown for 30 years. She knows every single bird in the area, usually by the sound its makes. There are so many birds in the tree outside my bedroom window that their songs actually wake me up! It's amazing to me that an entire season can actually be heralded in by such tiny creatures. And yet every year, like clockwork, they shout out gleefully the end of winter and the budding glorious days of spring.

Behold: the power of birding as only the Etsy Vintage Elite Team can do it!

From left to right, top row: ceramic owl, Wise Apple; bird print, Mothra Sue; porcelain bird, Cab Art VintageMiddle row: wooden pelican, Salt & Ginger; vintage bird cage, Mary Beth Hale; bird sculpture, Owl Song VintageBottom row: illustrated bird cards, Vintage Curiosity Shop; Victorian bird locket, Wicked Darling; candlestick holders, Wretched Shekels.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

EVE Team Review: Best Shops of the Week

I'm taking it up a notch - and walking on the wild side with all three favorite shops this week. I say color, fun and spring are the guidelines - let's roll!

Vintage Shop of the Week: Moonchild Vintage

They had me at striped shoes. I love to shop vintage garments and haven't been to a mall in ages. I admit that I gravitate first to vintage shoes and then browse happily through the clothes. Selling on Etsy since 2010, Moonchild Vintage features brightly colored garments with fun, whimsical photography. But please don't buy those shoes - I think I might be able to squeeze my size-9 feet into them.

From left to right: vintage shawl, vintage dress, vintage high heels.

Handmade Shop of the Week: DDSL Girls Store

DDSL stands for Dress, Dance, Sing, Love, Live, and that pretty much sums up this wonderful shop! There is some serious fun going on in Riga. Wonderfully colorful leather bags and earrings bring this shop to life! The imagination and creative flow jumps off the page, and I feel happy just looking at the goodies here.

From left to right: leather tassel earrings, small leather clutch, green & blue floral comb.

Newbie Shop of the Week: The Dolls Unique

I grew up doing a lot of sewing. I made doll clothes, my own clothes and quilts. It never occurred to me that I might actually make a doll! What I love about the dolls at The Dolls Unique is that they pair human faces with rabbit ears and antlers - whimsical! And what about the cool polka dots??? Then there is little YES and NO creature that I absolutely need in my office. Just sayin'.

From left to right: rabbit doll, soft creature, plush dolls.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

EVE Team Review: Best Shops of the Week

 Vintage Shop of the Week: Whatever is Lovely

It's taken some time for me to come around to the Danish Modern, Mid Century and Minimal Design that have taken some of my friends by storm. Now that I get it, I'm in love. What I think is so great about this shop is the stunning way that these simple designs are captured and offered through the perfect melding of design and photography. When I finally get around to redecorating my kitchen, I'm going to start right here!

From left to right: kitchen signage, coffee mugs, cookware.

Handmade Shop of the Week: littleghost

Okay, I admit it - I have a soft spot in my heart for anything surreal. A little on the quirky side, it makes me do a double take every time. It stems from a childhood that was saturated with B-movies and coffee table books of the Dada artists. This shop specializes in taking your breath away, and making you wonder how many delicious prints you can fit in your home.

From left to right: woman's face digital painting, bunny ballerina digital painting, digital mixed media.

 Newbie Shop of the Week: Upper Tiny

I always have such a fun time finding new shops. I look for shops that have wonderful photos, only a few sales and tons of personality. And, I love this shop for all those reasons.  It is great to be able to share this talented newbie with everyone, feels a little like summer time. Get your Ne-on.

From left to right: hangs tags, original painting on wood, drawing on paper.