Thursday, June 28, 2012

Retro Collections: Mid-Century Wall Clocks, Magazine Racks

The Retrospect on Retro     

Retro, something out of style and now revived and in style. Retro, from mid 1900s, so desired, sought and bought by those with a discerning eye for a particular design of the past. The word is often used for collections or pieces with the striking patterns and effects of Mid-Century modern furnishings: clean, bold, defined, simple lines, often geometric, and the use of plastic and metal. Sleek and minimal, with function. "That clock is so retro!" Sound familiar?

Retro Wall Clocks: The Mid-Century modern Ones

Clocks give the time, but that's not all. For collectors, they are attracted to the fantastic visual appeal.  Mid-Century modern wall clocks are known for their design, and sometimes it doesn't matter if it keeps good time. Collections from the mid 1940's to mid 60's include the sunburst and starburst wall clocks, the asterisks, and atomic era wall pieces. These are dramatic works of art, many are very large, yet simply designed with brass and wood.
Atomic Ball Wall Clock
 These retro clocks represent the mid-century Modern styles: new art and materials to denote a break from the past and a search for new forms. The start of time for these Mid-Century clocks is attributed to an American modernist, George Nelson. He, along with others like Charles and Ray Eames, are considered leaders of the movement.
Nelson's spiked clock hands, and large wood ball numbers were only the beginning for aluminum clock hands, wire rods, space age numbers and bold shapes.  The sculptural value combined with the culture of the mid 1900s give these clocks their appeal and placed them in demand in mid century, and today for the retro clock collector! Some of the clock manufacturers of this period were the Howard Miller Clock Company, where George Nelson created many of his famous clocks; Elgin; Westclox; Lux; Seth Thomas; and a British clockmaker Metamec Ltd. Take the time and put a retro collection on your wall. The Mid-Century modern pieces would be a timeless collection. Friends will always say, "That clock is so retro!"



Mid Century Magazine:

It All Racks Up         

If there is a retro lover in the house with a Mid-Century clock collection, good chance there are magazine racks to match. Like the clock, Mid-Century form and function are well served to hold the current ipads or the display of vintage clipboards and children's books. Sleek, made of steel, a function statement in design. These small home furnishings are easily moved about and thus used in many ways. A perfect match with other collections. Modern art at its best, and oh so retro.

Most of the items in this collection are on Etsy, and some from the EtsyVintageElite Team.  Be retrospective, come see our retro pieces, and other selections of all eras and movements. We have the time, and the magazine racks. Click on most items for more information.

More on George Nelson and Modernism.

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Wood and Black Diamond
Wall Clock
Retro Sunburst Wall Clock

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

At Home with Vintage


Summer Home Decor

Summer Sills with Beach Treasures.

Your vintage decor can be as casual yet splendid as the carefree summer season. Vintage kitchen goods and gadgets matched with daisies and herbs. Window sills with beach finds and baubles. Bedroom bureaus a stage for  well-worn baskets and small bottles. A verdant lawn ready for badminton play, and those repainted, old metal lawn chairs. This is summer home decor. Where vintage shows its light and airy side. Where bright hues and cool colors bring the outside in.

Fun Funnels. Matched with Garden Greens.

The Vintage Kitchen

The place to eat, drink, and laugh about summer fun: the vintage kitchen. Bring in the summer garden flowers, and the ones that adorn favorite, old kitchen pieces. Set them about with fresh veggies for a design that lets you see the summer.

Old Kitchen Ricer
Vintage Sifter. Flowers,of course.
Vintage for Display

Summer Decor

Gardens in Season

Baskets Flowers, Summer. 

Sleeping In Summer

Baskets on the Bureau
The summer scarf for the dresser.
The summer bedroom displays aged baskets and pastel glass bottles. These subtle but defining dresser centerpieces keep the room cool and calm for pondering summer memories. Enjoy the fabrics of a bright flowered purse, your dresser scarf, and gauze blouses. They all remind you that it is summertime, and life should be easy. 
After all, it is the season of carefree and casual decor.


 The Summer Yard

Summer Seating Vintage Style
The Easy Life in Summer.
In your lawn, you enjoy the old, oversized metal chairs and tables. You found a 1960s badminton set, and everyone loves to play. A few extra rackets hang in the den.  Admired walkways with vintage planters, some with summer perennials, and some with old toys for summer outside play, like roller skates and baseball mitts. Make a toast to summer while drinking from vintage glassware, and take in the seasons glow and warmth. You are surrounded by summer, and the best of summer home decor. To find
the best in vintage for all home decor, come to the shops with the elite 
vintage finds

  For Home or Yard. 

The Seasons Backyard Games
Summer Decor. Inside or Out.

A Toast to Vintage Summer Decor.