Tuesday, June 26, 2012

At Home with Vintage


Summer Home Decor

Summer Sills with Beach Treasures.

Your vintage decor can be as casual yet splendid as the carefree summer season. Vintage kitchen goods and gadgets matched with daisies and herbs. Window sills with beach finds and baubles. Bedroom bureaus a stage for  well-worn baskets and small bottles. A verdant lawn ready for badminton play, and those repainted, old metal lawn chairs. This is summer home decor. Where vintage shows its light and airy side. Where bright hues and cool colors bring the outside in.

Fun Funnels. Matched with Garden Greens.

The Vintage Kitchen

The place to eat, drink, and laugh about summer fun: the vintage kitchen. Bring in the summer garden flowers, and the ones that adorn favorite, old kitchen pieces. Set them about with fresh veggies for a design that lets you see the summer.

Old Kitchen Ricer
Vintage Sifter. Flowers,of course.
Vintage for Display

Summer Decor

Gardens in Season

Baskets Flowers, Summer. 

Sleeping In Summer

Baskets on the Bureau
The summer scarf for the dresser.
The summer bedroom displays aged baskets and pastel glass bottles. These subtle but defining dresser centerpieces keep the room cool and calm for pondering summer memories. Enjoy the fabrics of a bright flowered purse, your dresser scarf, and gauze blouses. They all remind you that it is summertime, and life should be easy. 
After all, it is the season of carefree and casual decor.


 The Summer Yard

Summer Seating Vintage Style
The Easy Life in Summer.
In your lawn, you enjoy the old, oversized metal chairs and tables. You found a 1960s badminton set, and everyone loves to play. A few extra rackets hang in the den.  Admired walkways with vintage planters, some with summer perennials, and some with old toys for summer outside play, like roller skates and baseball mitts. Make a toast to summer while drinking from vintage glassware, and take in the seasons glow and warmth. You are surrounded by summer, and the best of summer home decor. To find
the best in vintage for all home decor, come to the shops with the elite 
vintage finds http://www.etsy.com/teams/12628/etsyvintageelite/members.

  For Home or Yard. 

The Seasons Backyard Games
Summer Decor. Inside or Out.

A Toast to Vintage Summer Decor.


wretchedshekels said...

Oh I just love this post :) Makes me think of being a kid! Thank you so much!

yard globes said...

I really agree with the previous comment from wretchedshekels. It does remind me of yesteryears. Life seemed a little simpler then. Of course we were children and it would be simpler. Thank you for all the display ideas. We have some old farm implements and you've given me some ideas on how to showcase them - outside of course!

tracy said...

Great items!! Loved summers as a kid...woke up, ate breakfast, rushed out to join the neighborhood kids to play all day (building forts in the woods, kick ball tournaments, and digging for fossils), then begrudgingly home when the sun was setting.

Niftic Vintage said...

Beautiful post Wendy, I love all these vintage finds that add so much character to any home. Love these ideas!

Lydia McCauley said...

Love these vintage items for summer! Thanks!

Roselle said...

LOVE these vintage pretties! So fresh yet nostalgic!
Seaside Rose Creations

gazaboo said...

Fabulous fresh summer pics, charming vintage touches for any decor.

Andrea Holding said...

Amazing! This transports me right back to carefree summer months so long ago. Not saying how long ago. Thanks for taking me there!

TheInspiredTrader said...

Lovely post! I can smell the freshly wash linens on the line and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Thanks for taking me there!

Traci Moody said...

This is just wonderful. It's like a tour of a lovely home. Great job.

rushcreek said...

Love this post! Keep up the good work!

Moody said...

Fantastic! I found myself clicking on every picture to see more pictures of them...
A refreshing post!

Marie said...

What a wonderful post! I love the funnels and the strainer; great decor ideas!

cookie said...

thank you for featuring my nut choppers!
The aluminum drink coolers are fantastic...I had a set that the cork lining was in tatters. Made some quick replacements with a thin sheet of gasket cork found at the auto store.

SummerHolidayVintage said...

I love all the light, airy, pretty things here! Thank you for including my porcelain place cards!

Wendy said...

Wonderful post! Thanks so much for featuring my little birdies!

Whimzy Thyme said...

Love all these fabulous finds!

Betsy and Randy Justis - and Ellen and Laura, too! said...

Fabulous post! And nothing better than finding summer vintage decor than with your sister!

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