Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trend Watch: MapQuest

Does the sight of a map get your heart racing? Do you daydream about exotic, far away places? The allure of travel is universal, and so is this fantastic trend that focuses on re-imagining maps and globes in creative new ways. Take a look at a few of our favorites that are sure to get you thinking about your next getaway!

Custom Map Family
 Terror Dome

Vintage Map Dress, Annex

Map Shades, Eclu

Custom Globe Art, Imagine Nations

Map Art Sculpture
 Y Instead of I

Map Roller Shade, Achica

Friday, January 25, 2013

4 Easy DIY Craft Projects

Feeling crafty, but don't know which end of the glue gun is up? Well, you'll feel like a DIY master in no time after trying a few of our favorite no-fail projects. Now go warm up those glue guns and get crafting!

1. Chalkboard Paint Makeover
This one day project will give new life to any piece of furniture. Give your target piece a quick sand with medium grit sandpaper. Wipe clean and tape off the areas you don't want painted. Apply a single coat of primer and dry thoroughly.  Apply 2 coats of chalkboard paint, and voila.....your friends and family will think you're the next Martha Stewart!

2. Magnetic Catch All

Free up desk space with this clever magnetic catch all. Start with any length magnetic strip (available at hardware stores or Ikea). Cut wallpaper, fabric or scrapbooking paper large enough to fit 1/4" over edges of strip. Fold edges over strip and use a glue gun or spray adhesive to affix material. Place completed strip on desired surface and enjoy getting organized in style!

3. Cork Trivet Bulletin Board
This 20 minute project is super practical, and super easy! Find or buy any size cork trivet or tile. Choose your fabric and cut roughly 1" larger than cork shape. Turn fabric print side down and center cork in the middle. Use a glue gun to run a bead of glue along the edge of the cork. Working quickly, pull fabric tight and press against cork with your finger. Continue until all edges are secure. Hang and enjoy!

4. Washi Tape Picture Frames

All you need to complete this simple DIY project is some inexpensive washi tape (find it here) and a little imagination! Decide what images you would like to frame and create your layout on the floor before you begin. Affix the images to the wall using double sitck tape. Once the image is positioned on the wall, take a roll of tape and make a frame around it, adjusting the size and amount of interior space to your liking. Use a sharp X-Acto blade to trim any excess tape. Go beyond the same old rectangle and try different shapes - be brave and mix it up!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trend Watch: 50 Shades of Chintz

Chintz overload....the direction for 2013,
 use chintz sparingly as an accent.
Chances are you probably haven't thought much about chintz since Ronald Reagan was finishing up his second term in the White House. Flowered cottons are too fussy, you say? Too old-fashioned? Think again - chintz is back!

Few fabrics have the crisp look and fresh attitude of chintz, especially after a few years of beige on beige. Ironic, since barely a century ago this printed cotton was considered second-rate and suitable only for bedrooms, nurseries, and maids’ rooms.

Trend sites, bloggers and interior designers agree, chintz is just the thing to liven up a room with a fresh dose of whimsy. The modern twist on chintz - use it sparingly as a lighthearted accent, or for just a little punch of color. Get some inspiration on how to incorporate this trend into your home decor with a few of our favorites below!

Clockwise from left: Hollyhock Chintz, F. Schumacher & Co.;
Floral Bouquet, Lee Jofa; Longbourn, Cowtan & Tout

English Rose, Cath Kidson USA

Country Rose Chintz, Royal Albert China

Cheri, Waverly

Pottery Barn's Arlington chair 
upholstered in Clairssa Kiwi chintz

Savannah Removable Wallpaper, Pottery Barn Kids

Cambourne, F. Schumacher & Co.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

10 Uses For... Doilies

This isn't your grandmother's doily. Circular, sweet and shabby chic, these detailed designs are making a youthful comeback in today's home decor and fashion worlds. Originally used as ornamental mats to protect wood surfaces from scratches, today's craft enthusiasts are finding exciting and eye-catching ways to make use of these vintage fabrics. Whether they're colorful or classic white, crocheted or knitted from cotton, doilies are making their rounds. 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

History Lesson: Cathrine(holm) The Great

If money were no object, I would collect every piece of Cathrineholm lotus pattern enamelware out there! Alas, money (or lack thereof) is a very big object and I can only afford to ogle all the wonderful pieces that can be found on Etsy.

For the longest time, I thought Cathrineholm was a person, you know Cathrine Holm - admit it, you did too! Cathrineholm is actually the name of the factory outside of Halden, Norway that produced these iconic enamelware pieces from the mid-1950's through the late 1960's.

While Cathrineholm manufactured a number of lovely enamelware pieces; the lotus pattern is by far the most recognizable and sought after by collectors.

Created by designer Arne Clausen in 1962, this simple design quickly became Cathrineholm's best selling pattern; which explains why there are so many pieces still floating around today - lucky us!

Clockwise from left: Yellow Lotus Sauce Pan, Gallivanting GirlsGreen Lotus Plate, Bit Of ButterBlue Lotus Teapot, Paper SparksMini Lotus Bowls, Twin Hearts VintageBlack Lotus Dutch Oven, West Coast Modern.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Road Trip: Architectural Accents in Atlanta

Architectural Accents | 2711 Piedmont Road | Atlanta, GA 
An Atlanta institution for over 30 years, Architectural Accents is the place to go for amazing British and French 19th Century antiques. A number of 18th and early 20th century pieces from France, England, and America can also be found there along with a full range of high quality reproductions.  

An ornate facade hints at the treasures that await once you pass through the front doors. From columns and claw foot tubs, entry doors and staircases, pews and pediments - the 30,000 square foot showroom has become a destination for professional architects, interior decorators, movie set designers and builders from around the globe. You really are transported to a different time and place while wandering around - so much to admire and appreciate. Here are a few favorites from my recent trip. 

A jaw dropping collection of gorgeous pre-World War I tiles from England.

More of the over 10,000 tiles available in inventory.

A sampling of the 2,000 + antique doors that are stripped
and restored prior to being sold. Many of the doors
are custom fit for their new homes in the onsite
woodworking shop. 

A vast assortment of antique back plates are
available to add a historically accurate finishing touch.

These stunning pieces are part of a large assortment of
ornate 19th century French ironwork gates, balconies and railings.

A glorious display of stained glass windows that have been
painstakingly cleaned and restored in the onsite glass shop.

These amazing mid 19th Century columns were salvaged from a church in London
that was damaged during construction of the Chunnel, and can be yours for a mere $125K.

Reproduction pieces created by Architectural Accents are left
outside for a few months to develop a natural patina before being sold.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 Uses For... Mason Jars

The Mason jar has come a long way since its first appearance in the mid-1800s. Originally used for canning, these charming glass jars have rolled their way into modern day thanks to their seemingly endless purposes. They're a favorite among crafters & home decorators for their functional beauty.

Whether you kick it old-school and use yours for strawberry jam, or you're looking for a modern way to display these vintage sweethearts, here are 10 cool uses for Mason jars:

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Monday, January 7, 2013

EVE Team Finds: Union of The Snake

Vintage Snake Brooch, The Retro Bottega
As we ease our way into 2013, the Chinese lunar calendar tells us this will be the year of the snake.

The Chinese lunar calendar has been in use since 2637 B.C. and is based upon a 60-year cycle made up of five separate 12-year sub cycles... got that? We are currently in the 78th cycle which began in February 1984 and ends in February 2044.

Vintage Snakeskin Dress, Strange Magic Vintage

12 animals are used to symbolize each of the 12 sub cycle years. Those dozen animals comprise the Chinese zodiac. Legend has it that Lord Buddha summoned all animals to meet him before he ascended into Nirvana. Only 12 of the animals came, therefore he named a year after each of them in order of their arrival.

With snakeskin making its way to the forefront of many Spring fashion lines, 2013 looks like it will truly be the year of the snake! Whether your style is retro rocker, boho chic or classic sophistication, you can find your snakeskin fix in the trendsetting shops on Etsy and make the year of the snake your best looking yet!

Silver Snake Bracelet, Amy Fine

Leather Snakeskin iPhone Case, Bambina

Custom Snakeskin Jacket, Victoria Westbury

Vintage Snakeskin Boots, Amber City Vintage