Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Key West's Largest Residence

For some of you this may be a little creepy...
I found it fascinating.  In the northeast section of Old Town, at the end of Margaret Street, you'll find one of Key West's largest residences.  Encompassing nearly 19 acres, the residence has (at any one time) more than 100,000 residents.  That's a lot when you consider that there are only about 30,000 residents on Key West.

In 1847, the Key West Cemetery was built following an incident resulting from a Hurricane.  There are plenty of sites on the internet that can fill you in on that story.  I'm here to share mine.

After walking through historic Old Town taking pictures of the beautiful homes and eclectic styles of most of the private residents in the area, I found myself staring at the huge fenced surround.  Since it was only 6am, all of the gates were still locked.  I walked around the 19 acre lot and took pictures from the outside in, was visited by a black cat, and saw the most beautiful sunrise you can imagine.  After the cemetery opened, I went to the gatehouse to see the groundskeeper.  They offer maps offering directions to some of the more interesting grave markers, but unfortunately they were out when I went.  The groundskeeper didn't exactly exude warmth, so I just went on a little walk around.  Here's my photo journal.

Sunrise from outside cemetery on Windsor Lane

Sunrise through fence on Windsor Lane
Angela and Margaret Street intersection - fitting sign.
Some of the many statues in the cemetery

One of the Cuban "lodges"

Fence by the original entrance

Ordinance Sign - No coconuts
Gate detail (larger below)

Rooster's hideaway in the cemetery

Patrick McKeown's Family Vault gate

Another stature in the cemetery

Little black cat came to visit
Veteran's plot

The Iguanas have made homes under the gravestones.

People leave presents for the children.  

A Woodsman Marker

Sands' marker

So, if you have an opportunity while you're in Key West, don't miss out on the largest residence.  
This is a "must do".


Niftic Vintage said...

My kind of photo montage! Just love this Scott! We have a very famous cemetery in Buffalo, NY called Forest Lawn, acres of incredible work and history. It's a totally amazing place. Many a time I have rubbings from some of the most wonderful grave sites. I find it fascinating.

TheInspiredTrader said...

Too bad rubbings aren't allowed and that statue is divine! Great post!

tracy said...

Love the rooster shot & that family gate~ all the pictures are incredible. Thanks for sharing!

Roselle said...

Hauntingly beautiful...
Love the statuary!

Mothra Sue said...

So fabulous! I love the photo of the rooster and the one of the iguana!!

Traci Moody said...

It was a fascinating place.

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