Monday, July 30, 2012

On The Vintage Table

One Piece Standing

Folk Art Rooster from 4EnvisioningVintage

There it is. A very striking piece. You think you have never seen it, but in fact you have. This time you see it as a single work of art.  No fanfare, no pretense, a lone piece, just standing on the table. You are mesmerized.

When there is just one, that is all. And with the table as the pedestal, it is like a museum's cherished prize. And to think this one piece is simple folk art, or just a cup and saucer. Just by itself, beauty on the vintage table.

Casserole by Ben Seibel from reconstitutions

Lenox Bellevue Demitasse from InaMaeVintage

Poodle Dog from VintageRetrievers
It is a party. (Not a "getty", which is short for a get-together.) All these carefully, hand-selected, vintage items, and each getting a turn on the table. A party, when at the end of the night, each of us takes a turn to stand on the table to rise above the crowd, and we become the one announcement.

Enjoy these single pieces, all from the EveTeam, an elite vintage shop on Etsy.
Pulley from TheNewtonLabel
Tiny Teapot from RushCreekVintage
Large Display Encyclopedia from jaysworld

Gold Filigree Box from SeasideRoseCreations

Vintage Decanter from LuccaBalesVintage
Strawberry Jar from SCAVENGENIUS

Jumbo Brush from HilltopTimes
Mid Century Chafing Dish from TheVintageResource


Miss Farfalla said...

It's true... these items in a placement are like works of art. They're "found sculptures". Wonderful post! Creative imagination + wonderful vintage... the perfect team!

TheInspiredTrader said...

Wonderful collection with a subtle shift to Autumn colors.

Whimzy Thyme said...

Very pretty collection. Thanks so much.

Andrea Holding said...

What an inspiring selection! Art indeed!

ReconGirl said...

Lovely, and thanks much for showcasing an item from Reconstitutions!

Anathalia said...

Beautiful post! Thank you, Maggie! :)

tracy said...

A wonderful post! Love that poodle & tiny teacup! Thanks for featuring my rooster!

Lisa said...

Fabulous selections for the vintage table!

Moody said...

Some really cool stuff here!

Deborah said...

Cool picks! And so easy to change with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes! Thanks for including my proud poodle dog!

Niftic Vintage said...

Simply Fabulous...beautiful pieces!

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