Wednesday, August 8, 2012

All Tied Up - New Life for Old Ties

Vintage Tie Collection from MyraMelinda

I love recycling.  More specifically "Upcycling".

Wikipedia defines Upcycling as "the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value."

Gadget/iPod cases from handmadepretties
Purse from ynnedowns

Purse from aShareedesign

Bow Pin by DeathbyDiamondNPearl
Wristlet Wallet by vintage180

I define Upcycling as finding a way to use something that would otherwise go to Goodwill or the dump.

With my own limited scope of creativity, I'm always astounded to see the ways artists find to upcycle.  

Go to any Goodwill store or search your dad's closet.  You'll probably find neckties from the last five decades.  If you don't want to face the crowds at your thrift store or the mothballs in dad's closet, there are scores of vintage ties available online.

Wool Ties from TheNewtonLabel

Mint Green Tie from reconstitutions

Emerald Green Tie from CuteOldThings

Satin Red Tie by ArmorOfModernMen


William said...

Hi, Cool collection. Let's not forget their original use, too. These ties look great worn with a vintage shirt and blazer. It is the fastest way to jazz up a not-so-exciting jacket or suit.
Thanks for the feature. I like the site and want to check in again soon.
William Z.

Anathalia said...

Oh my, never thought about upcycling neckties! That's so creative! I love the bow pin! Great post, Moody!

HilltopTimes said...

Mr. Moody, Upcycle tiecycle. Great blog! Thank you.

Liv Svanoe said...

I love all these creative uses for vintage neckties, which so deserve a new life as something awesome!

Niftic Vintage said...

Simply fabulous...reuse, recycle and create something fabulous! Great post Moody!

ReconGirl said...

Terrific post! Those purses are adorable! I passed up an entire suitcase of ties at a sale last week and now I'm wishing I hadn't!

Rachel@rhapsodyattic said...

I love those ipod cases! What a fun idea to recycle ties this way! Thanks for the post!

Whimzy Thyme said...

Wow, who knew? Love those purses. I so wish I was more gifted crafter. I do try but I stuff doesn't look like that (lol). Thanks!

CakeNumber9 said...

Great post Moody! Those tie recycling ideas are amazing, love that black bow pin!

Diane said...

Love these ideas Moody ~ great article, interesting read!

Fourth Coast Vintage

Miss Farfalla said...

Great post! Love the purses!

tracy said...

Anytime anything can be recycled to make something else it's fabulous! Great post!

Lu lu b'goo said...

There are so many great textiles available in ties. Limitless upcycling potential!

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