Monday, July 16, 2012

In Grand Picnic Style

Peterboro Picnic Basket from marybethhale

The Picnic

Picnics have never gone out of style. We've added more possibilities, but the pleasures of a picnic are as constant as the wicker picnic basket. Instead of white bread sandwiches and glass soda bottles, we now pack sushi and Sunner Kolsch.  Once picnics meant summertime, but we've broaden to greater stages and seasons, from the neighborhood park to the bedroom, from summer to fall, winter, and spring. Our style of picnic has changed, but the picnic is still very much in style.

The Summer Picnic, Vintage Style

L'il Sunpacker Cooler by wretchedshekels

Coleman Metal Ice Chest by LuccaBalesVintage

It is the heart of July, and this means a summer picnic, great grilling, and the sights of the wide outdoors. Where is that old picnic basket? It is the first necessity. Made of wood, spliced strips neatly woven, swivel handles, from the 1950's, and used for storage (and decor) when not part of the picnic. Pack it backwards, some say, dessert on the bottom, main entree, then the starters on top, and you'll have your goodies in eating order when it's time to flip the lid. And for ice, and cold, pack that determined and perfectly wonderful Coleman or Thermos ice chest you've had for many years. The best way to keep things cold is to fill it half with ice, half with food.

Picnic Trays by Modred12

Grill ready? Place the rosemary-salmon skewers on the lightly oiled grate. These were prepared at home the night before, and when grilled for six minutes they will be ready for your guests. Serve them on your vintage stackable picnic plates. Plastic tableware is still best for a picnic, and looks almost elegant on a vintage tablecloth.
Outdoor Cook Book by Mylittlethriftstore

Picnic Tabletop by LittleRedPolkaDots
Picnic Tablecloth by fallaloft
Hope you'll remember to bring the frisbee, and take along the horseshoes. It's summer, remember, and these well-known games are still in style. And after games, a shady spot for your blanket, a nap for a few of you, a walk for the lovers, and free time for the summer free kids. Enjoy your vintage picnic, and know that you are right in style. 

 This blog is from the EveTeam, we are always in style. Click on the item captions and you will see more information to stay in style.

Picnic Basket from SnapshotVintage
Picnic Trays from TheInspiredTrader

Vintage Photo Picnic Napper from BallyDingRevue

Antique Cast Iron Horseshoes from gazaboo
Vintage Blanket by WhimzyThyme

Food Carrier from Circa810
Plaid Cooler from thewhitepepper
Summer Straw Hat from RockySpringsVintage


Niftic Vintage said...

Gotta love picnics! Lovely post!

tracy said...

Love picnics on the beach! Great items featured!!

Anathalia said...

I love picnics! The featured items are great!

Kathi said...

brings back great memories of picnics at a small nearby lake when I was a little- thanks :D

TheInspiredTrader said...

There's nothing better than including a few vintage items to give today's picnicking the charm and flare of an old fashioned American picnic! Perfect for a romantic moment or a fun family celebration!

Whimzy Thyme said...

I love picnics. My husband and I are more likely to have lite lunches and dinners on the deck then meals in our dining room. Love the finds in this post. I have a picnic basket I have treasured for years. Thank you so very much for including my blanket.

Traci Moody said...

I think I need a picnic right now. :)
Fried chicken and deviled eggs...and iced tea.
Family picnics in the NC mountains were the best.

Rocky Springs Vintage and Art said...

This is a real getaway from the work day world.

Hectic schedules! Traffic jams. Conference calls. Deadlines.

Love a good picnic and especially love the little girl's straw hat.

Thank you!

Miss Farfalla said...

Wonderful post! Love the selections! And I agree... I could use a picnic just about now!! Sounds perfect!

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