Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vintage on the Table

The Table. The Vintage.

Hobnail Bowl offered by ThirdShift

First you need a table. One with four legs. Add fresh red fruit. Add red fruit to a vintage bowl. Enjoy a meal at the table. Let the usual clutter round the beauty of the bowl.
Bowl offered by WiseApple

Hobnail Lantern Lamp from SeasideRoseCreations
Another table. A small one (with legs, yes). For a glass lantern lamp, an antique. Add a vintage blue plate. A place for mail and love notes. Admired everyday.

Japanese Plate from vagabondmerchant

Faceted Perfume Bottle from InaMaeVintage

Just one more table. By the bed. Holds your smartphone. Favorite perfume bottle, and an old, painted pitcher. Add flowers and romance. (And four legs.)
Vintage Wedgwood Pitcher from pillowsophi

Cafe Au Lait Bowl from lefrenchshop
Conch Shell Bowls from VintageRetrievers
When you add vintage to the table, there is no selfish statement, only pleasure for all. No casual decoration, but part of everyday living, in the kitchen, the entryway, the bedroom. 

Clam Shell Dish from gazaboo

Vintage Pitcher from allthingswhite

Salem Biscayne Plate from TheBeetlesKnees

The vintage table is the center furnishing in our home. They are in every room.  Some of them are crates or trunks, or old, wonderful, industrial pieces, and some of desired designs of the past. 
Rustic bench table from Snapshotvintage
Mid Century Side Table from NifticVintage

Industrial Side Table Offered by SnapshotVintage
Mid Century Side Table from charliesnest

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table from RhapsodyAttic
Folk Art Table from 86home
 All the vintage and antique pieces you see can be viewed by clicking on the caption. These beautiful items are from the EveTeam. This post is offered by HilltopTimes. Come and see more vintage, and more tables with legs.


Kathi said...

what a lovely post !!!

CakeNumber9 said...

An inspiring post... love that table from snapshotvintage :)

Moody said...

Beautiful! We have lots of antique furniture. Amazing how they hold up.

OwlSongVintage said...

Charming post. Great items!I like Third Shift's hobnail bowl!

Traci Moody said...

Wonderful post. I really enjoy seeing all the fun things you guys find in the shops.

Niftic Vintage said...

Love this post! So many FABULOUS finds! Thanks for sharing these wonders!

Deborah said...

Great story! I am obsessed with little tables! I just brought some in from the garage and moved the other ones around, so useful! said...

Great post! I think vintage bowls and vases add interest to any room and I love the ideas you've posted. I like to use vintage bowls to hold keys, office supplies, fruit, silverware for parties, small candies - the list goes on. And of course, unique and interesting tables are works of art, too! Fabulous finds!

OceansideCastleVintage said...

Gorgeous vintage! Love the conch shell bowls. Smashing article; I enjoyed it. I very much like the step layout of the photos too!

Marie said...

What a lovely post!

Dave said...

Wonderful and inspiring post!

Rachel@rhapsodyattic said...

Fantastic post!! Though I do disagree with one statement. I believe a vintage piece on a table (with legs, yes) can surely make a statement, a very good one at that:)

TheInspiredTrader said...

Great post! I love the selections of available vintage goodies!

Annie said...

fabulous post! furniture just isn't made like it used to be- buy antique! :) also, i love using vintage pitchers for my lemonade in the summer!! it just makes me happy.

Whimzy Thyme said...

Wonderful post. I love "small" tables - always drawn to them at estate sales and antique shops. Great collection of fabulous finds.

Andrea Holding said...

I have an issue with tables. I have two in my "studio" and will squeeze in a third soon, four in the bedroom, two in the dining room and don't make me count what's in the living room. The more tables there are, the more I can collect and display on them. Inspiring blog!

tracy said...

I love this post & "no selfish statement" ..... great writing & great items to add statements to your space!

Miss Farfalla said...

I can honestly say that besides being a chairaholic It's safe to say I'm a tableaholic too. My favorites are 4 matching shabby chic painted wooden tables with turned legs from an old Upstate NY Hotel that's long gone. But I've got the tables. I never know where to put them, along with all the other tables around here. But somehow, don't you get the sense that a table is a member of the family? Like an odd uncle who never leaves and is always kind of in the way... but hey, he comes in handy when you need him!

Love the post... and love these tables! That little folk art number caught my eye!

Lisa said...


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