Thursday, July 19, 2012

Camping -- Vintage Style!

Now's the time of year to go camping, preferably somewhere cool to avoid the city heat.  Get your gear together and let's go!

1. Printable DIY Personalized Camping Invitations from partypapers
2. Lavender Vanilla Oatmeal Mint Travel Soap Sticks from prunellasoap
3. Marimekko Picnic Blanket from SewnNatural
4. Vintage Coleman Steel-Belted Metal Ice Chest from LuccaBalesVintage
5. Vintage 1940's Military Backpack from aniandrose
6. Vintage Audubon Water Bird Book from CalloohCallay
7. Vintage Igloo Water Cooler from RhapsodyAttic
8. Handmade Snail Ukelele from celentanowoodworks
9. Vintage Wood Folding Chair from 86home
10. Vintage Classic Ring Toss from wretchedshekels
11. Vintage Evergreen Single Fold Toilet Tissue from InaMaeVintage
12. Large Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Forks from Modred12
13.  Vintage Striped Camping Canteen from mothrasue
14.  Vintage Red Lantern Flashlight from LuccaBalesVintage
15. Airstream Trailer 5x7 Giclee Art Print from redtilestudio
16. Turkish Bath Towel from TheAnatolian


Whimzy Thyme said...

Nice camping finds.
Hoping we will have some avid campers or collectors searching Eveteam. I have a few items in my Shop.

Niftic Vintage said...

Love these vintage camping finds! I just love to camp, it's been too long...

HilltopTimes said...

Camping with family is a wonderful adventure. I love all the selections here! Great finds for the outdoor experience. Thank you!

Anathalia said...

I don't like camping, but your great finds are making me rethink it.. ;)

TheInspiredTrader said...

In Florida we prefer to camp in the winter as the nights are cool and there are fewer bugs. Just hanging a canteen on a hook rail or over the back of a chair can evoke the wonderful relaxing feeling of sitting by the campfire and bring a smile to my face. Lovely selections!

Bonzy Sullivan said...

Love the Turkish towels! the colors and the design are great. Going to purchase a few. Thanks for finding them :-)

Bonzy Sullivan said...
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tracy said...

I have to admit my idea of camping is at the Hilton but these are great camping items for anyone that enjoys camping!

Moody said...

That snail ukulele is amazing! Love the camping "vintage style" and the extras!
Anyone want to come down to South Florida and camp in the everglades?
They say you can hear the alligators in the rushes.

Rachel@rhapsodyattic said...

Love your finds here! I also love the tip about letting the kids watch old episodes of Gilligan's Island on YouTube awesome!

Traci Moody said...

I always want to go camping but no one wants to. :(
Maybe if I had some of these items I could find someone to come along with me.

Natalie Pereira said...

LOVE these finds!!

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