Monday, June 24, 2013

The First Harvest

Today, I would like to share the joy of the first fruits of the laboring gardener. 

The day has finally arrived. You have toiled and strove to create a beautiful, flourishing garden. You finally begin your harvest. The garden is green and blossoming. You walk out and immediately spot the ripe and ready produce standing proudly in your nutritious soil. The mission to collect your delicious crop has begun. You pull carrots, you pluck tomatoes, and you yank hardy beets. Gathering in your arms (or basket) your delicious goods, you walk inside to wash off the dirt and enjoy eating the fruits of your hard labor. 

Laboring to get the first fruits of your harvest is an exciting moment. You discover where you succeeded (and failed) in your efforts to grow an abundant garden. You see where you can learn more and where you have discovered how to grow the perfect vegetable. My husband and I picked our first harvest this past week, and it was exciting! From it, we created a salad that, for the first time, consisted of all our own vegetables. There is such reward and joy in picking and then eating our own food!

So I end this short, reminiscing blog with a couple questions: What joys have you experienced harvesting your garden? And, what is your favorite produce that you are looking forward to harvesting?
                           Happy gardening! 

Our first harvest.


Niftic Vintage said...

Totally inspiring Amanda!

HilltopTimes said...

Yanking hardy beets! Oh I wish! You have a fabulous garden, a wondrous bounty. My favorite produce to harvest...mmmmm, broccoli. A beauty of a plant, a delicious veggie. This post is a true harvest.... so many thanks.

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