Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You...


Hello, Eveteam and friends! Each Friday I will be bringing you a post dedicated to one of our brand new members. Today it is Lisa from Repoville. Take a minute to get to know her better! - - Anathalia

Tell us a bit about you and your shop:
I’m Lisa and Repoville is my shop. I turned 47 last month and live in Commerce Township, Michigan, which is a lake-filled suburb of Detroit. I live in a home with my husband, Dave, and two kiddos, Callie, 13, and Bryan, 9. I have claimed our first-floor den as my shop space/photo studio, but often overflow into the dining room. Our basement is filling back up, as well! Boo!
Is there a story behind your shop name?
I speak to that a bit in my About page. A longer version is that I am obsessed with possessions. I agree, kind of wrong, kind of gross. But by “repossessing” them, even for a short time, I fulfill my addiction and am thrilled to be the matchmaker when they are chosen from my shop. I have had some great convos about certain purchases and what memories a particular item brings back for the buyer. And I have always loved “-ville” as a suffix. Just smacks of campiness.
How did you end up selling vintage? Is it your full time job?
It is my only job, so it is as full-time as I wish to make it. I am just now starting to appreciate and take advantage of the flexibility that comes with such a situation. At first, it was much more a curse due to the guilt-induced pressure that I imposed at every turn… "I should be working on my shop…" was running my life and quickly stealing the joy out of something that I loved so much. That is indeed why I started selling vintage in the first place – absolute joy in finding and sharing nostalgic treasures!

When and how did you notice your love for vintage?
My mom passed along her love of unique style, so I have always tried to hunt down unusual finds. I definitely started with clothing and accessories. I was always very shy and rarely shared my words, but for some reason I had confidence in some not-so-obvious fashion choices! A moment that jumps out at me is a visit to an antique shop with my mom probably 20+ years ago. She had admired a beaded purse while I had my eye on a small chainmail bag. For Christmas that year we had both purchased one another’s coveted item for the other! I think vintage offers the perfect opportunity for some of the most thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift-giving!

Chainmail bag and beaded purse - perfect Christmas gifts for mom and daughter!

Do you have a favorite era?
Not really. I’m quite greedy in that I refuse to limit myself… I find myself wanting it ALL!

Do you collect anything (vintage or not)?
I can’t seem to stop buying coats… some vintage, some not. I also was on a kick a few years ago when I collected vintage religious medals with the intention of creating a jewelry line called The Holy Ghost – I had a logo drawn up and everything. Still could happen. And there was a time that we had seven couches in our house.

Estate sale fashion finds

Is there a special story about any of your sales?
My fave is the Manning Silver Maxi Dress story. I noticed the last name of the buyer was Silver and decided to ask if there was any relation or if it was just a coincidence. Turns out she was the daughter of Manning Silver, the dressmaker, her father. Her mother was the designer of the team and she was looking for a way to celebrate her mother as the 2nd anniversary of her passing was approaching. I found her endeavor so touching and was thrilled that I was able help her make a connection to her parents’ legacy!

Manning Silver dress

Anything else we didn't ask and you'd like to share?
I was kind of hoping for, “What is your favorite curse word?", like on The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton. I would have said, Son of a B----.

Thank you, Lisa! We love your stories!


gazaboo said...

Lisa, you are delight! Thrilled to have you on the EveTeam! Wonderful post, thanks Ana!

Jen said...

Or as a friend says, "Son of a ... dirty word!" haha
Great shop, Elise, and good to get to know you, Lisa/Repo!

shaun mohr said...

We have been a fan of yours for some time :) Glad you are here~!!!!

Whimzy Thyme said...

Awesome interview - thanks so much for sharing. I love vintage clothes, purses, belts, --- so wish I could wear the hats.
In mixed company I also use "Son of a biscuit" --:))

Andrea Holding said...

Thanks so much for sharing! It's always a pleasure to meet the person behind the name!

Elise said...

Great post, Ana! Love finding out about repo :))

Niftic Vintage said...

Thanks for a peak into the life of Miss Repo! Love this girl!

Rachel @ RhapsodyAttic said...

Thanks for the interview! I can relate with this on so many levels :)

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Hee hee hee!! Oh my gosh... loved reading your story Lisa! :) And to end it with the addition of your favorite curse word!! Makes you all that more endearing to me. (Anyone who knows me will tell you there are times when I can swear with the best of 'em. Not necessarily something I'm proud of, but I've come to accept it's just a part of who I am now. ha.)

I totally get it when you talked about feeling "guilt" anytime you weren't working on your shop -- it's hard to just let it go sometimes -- so you can just enjoy your family and your life outside of "work".

Best wishes on your continued success!

HilltopTimes said...

Lisa, Lisa, the beautiful coat lady! You have a fabulous shop, and a wonderful story! I am so envious of your vintage job being full-time! Wonderful post! So many thanks for being you!

Lesley Venable said...

Love your shop!!!! Great to get to know you!!

Lesley V.

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