Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Etsy Worldwide Wonders

 Nothing is as fun as finding a new shop on Etsy - it gets tagged as a Favorite, and usually I will favorite items as well. That means that most of the people that are following me will see that I have done that . . . if there are 800 people following me . . . and 10 of them favorite that same shop . . . well you get my drift! That is pretty powerful!

Marion of Lenoirr Photography opened her photography shop on June 10th, a mere 9 days ago! Wow, right! Let's show her some EVEteam love click on the link and favorite her shop - or a few of her items! I really like her images, and her courage. That is what it takes to open a new shop! Welcome to Etsy, Marion!

Oh my goodness! Domatoma is so much fun to romp through. If you are looking for a gift for all ages, here you go!  These sweet creatures and beautiful hats are great as baby gifts, shower gifts and bridesmaids gifts (can you see all of your bridesmaids wearing a flower pin). So cool! The photos certainly set the mood for play!

Mid century modern has grown on me! In the way that makes me want lots of it! When I ran across Sun in the Box recently I was totally smitten! Andra's shop is dedicated to West German ceramics - she does have some other fabulous goodies too. The "Fat Lava" glazing, design and color all speak to me. They are stunning! And the variety is truly awesome. How long can I make it before I actually purchase one!


Anathalia said...

I love the photographies! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Elise!

Jen said...

Awesome shops, Elise! Thanks for introducing them to us. You can count me as one of the 10. :)

ace faced said...

Fabulous shops! I have a weakness for German pottery so I am smitten with Sun in the Box for sure.

Marion said...

Thank you so very much Elise! It's quite an honor to be featured on this blog.
Merci beaucoup!

FrenchAtticFinds said...

yet another gorgeous selection!! and I LOVE Marion's work!!!

domatoma said...

What a lovely feature! Thank you so much!

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