Friday, August 30, 2013

Etsy Business Profile: Rambling Vintage Gypsy

Today we're chatting with Nickie and Ashley from Rambling Vintage Gypsy about their vintage family affair!

Rambling Vintage Gypsy is comprised of the totally fab sister duo of Nickie Feddersen and Ashley Vassilakos. Jointly they scour the mammoth city of Dallas, Texas and beyond searching for vintage items that are extraordinarily unique. They thrive on the straightforward philosophy of buying pieces that draw them in. They do not bother with trends or fads, but know if they connect with the pieces they discover, others will too. The girls are always in pursuit of items that have soul, which to them is defined as a piece that has a history or a story to tell. In short, “Unique Vintage Soul” defines their brand, gives nod to who they are as individuals and how they were raised.

Nickie and Ashley are from a humble, farming community just outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their mother, a recently retired fourth grade teacher, and their dad, a wheat and cattle farmer, continues to teach them the importance of family, relationships, education and loving animals. Their mom and maternal grandma also illustrate the seriousness of marathon shopping! Both sisters have premature memories of loading up in the car, each and every Saturday morning, for all day shopping events with their mom and grandma. Nickie and Ashley also have memories of being dragged to garage sales and auctions, as well as working at their own garage sales every summer. Nickie recalls making her first auction purchase at 8 years old! Even now, in the big city, they both still carry with them their small town values that make them who they are today.

Ashley, 33, is a registered nurse and also holds a business degree in marketing, but her foremost role is being a new mother. She lives an organic lifestyle by cultivating food in her backyard, organic garden and line drying her family’s clothes. Nickie, 36, is an architect and interior designer of high-end hotels throughout this country and beyond. She has a true passion for design and centers her life around feeding her creative spirit. Specializing in the use of mixed media on canvas, Nickie is also an artist. Her artwork is displayed for purchased at a small Dallas gallery that caters to local, modern artists. It has always been true that Ashley is the sister that imparts brains and logic, whereas Nickie is the irrational visionary.

Each sister had very different interests growing up. Ashley was the eternal tomboy and athletic sibling; Nickie was into fashion and creativity. Because of their clashing interests, they lived unrelated lives. Although they attended the same college, age difference did not allow as much bonding time as they would have liked. After college their interests began to align more than ever, but they were separated by an entire state of highways. Three years ago, Nickie received a call from her sister saying that she and her husband had made the decision to move to Dallas. Not long after, RamblingVintage Gypsy was born!

The creation of Rambling Vintage Gypsy joins these sisters in a way neither of them thought possible. They use their differences to their advantage, by each contributing diverse qualities to the business. They spend a myriad of hours together, rambling around the city, laughing, discovering treasures and bonding over their love of vintage. They are appropriately together, furthering the brand that is Rambling Vintage Gypsy.

Orange luggage - Fiesta mini pitcher - Folk art tray - Beaded necklace - Cloisonne dish


Kathi said...

love your story! love your shop! thanks for sharing

Jeanne said...

great getting to know you girls!!

Story Tellers Vintage said...

So great to get to know your story Nickie and Ashley :)
We're so glad you're a part of the team
And I agree're both super cute and make a great team!

Jen said...

Plus it's always nice to hear of families connecting instead of the other way around! Love your shop. Well done!

Annie said...

this is wonderful!!!

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