Friday, August 23, 2013

Etsy Business Profile: Water Between Stones

Today we're chatting with Weslee, owner of the vintage shop Water Between Stones.

My first name is Weslee. My middle name is Evan. My last name is spelled Supper, but we’ve always pronounced it “Super”. My initials, you see, spell my name, W.E.S. My parents claim un-intentionality but I find that hard to believe!

I currently work as the Office Manager at Hocking Hills Canoe Livery in the Hocking Hills region of south central Ohio, happily married going on 20 years. Born and raised in Dayton Ohio, I have spent most of my life as a Summer Camp Director, spending a few years in Charlottesville Virginia, (where my daughter Shyla Bamboo was born in 2000), and a few years near the Delaware Water Gap region of New Jersey.

Solo cozy cup set - Jar of glass pieces - Fiesta cups and saucers

My shop name “WaterBetweenStones”, was named for the header picture, taken as a small creek deep in the wilderness of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area. The complete picture helps to see why it is so named.

Handmade German wooden peasants - Vintage Teddy bear - Pass the pigs travel game

I started selling vintage after I was laid off from a Camp Director gig because all the grant money dried up. So I started selling off some of my stuff, which because of dozens of pets and pure laziness, never really got the attention it deserved. I discovered I enjoyed collecting old things to sell much more than I ever enjoyed collecting old things to put in storage! In all honesty I was never really into the vintage / antique scene all that much, until I opened my Etsy shop, and I suddenly found reason and purpose to the auctions and thrift shop adventures!

My favorite pieces tend to have an interesting back story, even better if there is some connection to history. I enjoy learning, so items that offer some mystery and intrigue also fascinate me. One of my personal favorites is the collection of Apollo newspapers.

1969 newspaper Apollo missions

I acquired them at an auction, down in a dark dusty basement, wrapped up in paper bags in the corner… for one penny! Frankly I’d be happy to sell them, but equally happy to hang on to them for a while.

Perhaps the best story involves a yellow bear dish from the eighties, which did get some blogging attention here: The bear bowl.

I have easily received more inquires about this item, even after it sold, than any other item. It’s intriguing story is a reminder for us that when we find homes for the items we sell, we are connected to those people, and sometimes that seemingly random find can make a positive impact down the road!


Jeanne said...

thanks for sharing Wes. love the bear bowl story! it is so cute...pretty sure my granddaughters would love one :)

Miss Magpies Shoppe said...

Enjoyed the blog post. Well done and interesting :)

gazaboo said...

Wes, you are a great writer as well and made this a most enjoyable read.
Just yesterday I sold a cloth doll to a buyer that had the same doll when she was 5 and has been looking for one for many years. Our vintage finds carry memories for many people and as a seller I'm always honored to make that connection and have a positive impact. Welcome to the Eveteam Wes and thanks Anathalia for putting these weekly blog posts together.

Niftic Vintage said...

Thanks for a look at the life of the fabulous Wes!

BeeJayKay said...

What an interesting guy you are Wes! So happy to know you!

Amanda Nolan said...

It was a sweet story. These connections are, in my opinion, the best part about our work as vintage sellers. My favorite bit however was that you sent her extra gifts for her daughter! That is such an incredibly thoughtful act and something to be remembered. Welcome to the team, Wes.

Amanda of KindlingVintage

Wes said...

Yay for the good guys! EVE rockers, some cool old stuff, and a good story or two.... love it~

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