Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hold It! The Best Vintage & Handmade Containers

Hold it! Yes, hold it all. Handmade and recycled containers to hold the everyday & precious goodies we can't live without. From boxes to bags, vintage to handmade, you can find it all on Etsy.

The Finest Vintage To See It All this Fall

Light it! Yes, hold it up to see! Lightning, a mood changer, a great way to make your home warm and cozy this fall. A vintage, pendant light fixture holds the light, and adds character and charm to your decor. From famous Vintage Shops on Etsy.
Vintage Amber Chandelier from OceansideCastle.
Mid Century Porch Lantern from ethanollie.



A Member in the Circle of Eve, BabyTweeds

BabyTweeds Shop

Your turn in the Circle may be soon, as EveTeam members will be featured here, and other shopkeepers. Christine, EtsyVintageElite team member, has a passion for vintage. Her shop is BabyTweeds, and in case you don't know, "tweeds" is a classy name for woolen fabric. And "Baby", for her selection and careful attention to high quality, vintage clothing for babies and children.

1930's Gabardine Coat, Faux Fur

Christine's Love of Vintage, and the Winter Season

Baby clothes. Adorable, sweet and small, and they make us recall childhood memories. But Christine, a sensitive and thoughtful woman, gives us more and better reasons to desire vintage children's clothes. She is attracted to the design; the pattern of the garment; vintage details; and the sewn construction. The things true vintage lovers seek. For the handmade pieces, Christine is drawn to the handiwork and attention to detail, knowing these pieces are one-of-a-kind. The 1930's gabardine coat in her shop, and shown here, is one of her favorites. It exemplifies her fine taste for vintage features and quality construction. This coat is double-breasted with a large, full, cut-in, faux fur collar. Pockets, a wide belt, and a lining, oh my gosh, of Alpaca wool fur! And the gabardine fabric, a rich, full-body woven cloth! All carefully sewn to create the finest outerwear. Wow, what an amazing, BabyTweeds piece! Yes, adorable, and, of the best quality. All wonderful reasons why Christine loves vintage, and reasons to love her, and BabyTweeds.

And there is more to the meaning of this coat, to be worn during Christine's favorite season, the one that holds memories of long, snowy winters in her beloved, childhood state of Michigan. It reminds her of the attire of her past Mitten State friends. And winter makes her recall visits to the cider mills, ice skating with her father, and visions of falling snow. Things fondly remembered as she displays her wares.
And what piece of clothing does she remember best? The organdy dress, sold this summer. There is no other like it, she says, as she speaks about her admiration for the craftsmanship, the gorgeous fabric and fine touches. There will never be another, she laments, it is perfect and unique, like her other BabyTweeds listings.

The Organdy Dress
Vintage Clothing from BabyTweeds.

What We See and Want for the Fall Season

Current Etsy Tags are Autumn Trends, September Trends, Gifts for her, For home. In the latest Etsy Finds, patterns include the star. And stripes, dots, feathers, Southwest-inspired, snakeskin, leopard are all featured. As Fall approaches, people start looking for the fall patterns and colors of autumn for their homes and their wardrobes. And for special items to make rooms look cozy, inviting, and warm during the colder nights that are to come, and nothing better than lots of pillows!

Feather pillow cover by Elkhorn on Etsy

Leopard print pillow cover by AriannaBelle on Etsy

Southwest pattern throw pillow by NarkelAndNorsu on Etsy

And what about your wardrobe? A warm jacket and an animal print skirt are a must!

Southwest tapestry jacket by BermudaDream on Etsy

Vintage leopard print skirt by AppleBranchesVintage on Etsy
Featured shops:

The Other Side of History.

*Old is new, and what's new is old. And what is sold is now old, and is of news. Check out these fabulous solds! And a few of these sold very quickly, and now being enjoyed in new hands and hearts of vintage and handmade lovers.
*Travel cases, hat boxes, luggage of leather are always popular. Also, beautiful boxes are probably one of the biggest sellers- vintage and handmade. 
*Animals, large sculptures, bookends, and individual statues have also been at the top of buyers' lists, and with a range from life-size to window sill decor, animal pieces are viewed and sold at a fast rate. 
*Here are items that sold in August,  2012.
Vintage Hat Travel Case from RosaMeyerCollection
                               Gold Box from CakeNumber9
Regency Horse Bookends from FlumeStreet

Poison Plates of Halloween from AustinModern

Colorful and functional, cast iron, glass, and metal pieces lend distinctiveness and class to so many handsome Etsy offerings.  These items sold in August 2012. Lucky new owners.

Art Glass Bird from reclaimer
Curtain Tiebacks from VintageRetrievers
Keepsake Box by BlissfulBoxes
Antique Biscuit Tin from BoudreauCollection


Niftic Vintage said...

This is TOTALLY Amazing! Packed with wonderful products from some fabulous artisans and gorgeous vintage alike, it's a feast for the eyes!
Thanks for the peak into the life of Christine and her amazing finds!
Thank you for a wonderful morning eye opener Maggie!

Kathi said...

I agree Reana, a feast for the eyes is the perfect description! a great way to start the day

Pat Barnes said...

What a beautiful collection.. I am so honored to have my original art farmhouse box featured along with such wonderful artisans. Thank you so much!!!! Pat

Deborah said...

A lovely collection! I love the high quality of the vintage and handmade pieces. I admire the talented people making the handmade items. I do like to imagine that my curtain tiebacks are in a grand Victorian parlor holding back heavy velvet drapes!

Anathalia said...

Great post, Maggie! I love boxes! My current favorite is an old red painted wood box that I keep on my coffee table. Cristine's shop is adorable, nice to read a bit about her!

CakeNumber9 said...

Thank you for featuring my pill box Maggie! It was a joy reading your post!
My favorite box is an old empty cream box where i keep my gold treasures since i were a child! (shhh!! don't tell anyone!)In terms of lightning... i really don't have a special one! Maybe it's to fix that :) Considering those fabulous ideas you gave it will be a difficult task! Salomé.

Whimzy Thyme said...

Fabulous! I love Christine's Shop; so many adorable baby finds. I love old boxes and have so many in my home. I have collected celluloid boxes for years and have some listed in my Shop.
A while back I purchased a small handpainted wooden box on Etsy and I use if everyday on my desk. It looks fabulous with handpained flowers and holds desk items.
Thanks Maggie -- love reading the Blog posts.

paula said...

honored to be here! thank you for including me...this is a beauty of a post!! i'm liking that pendant light fixture!

Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors} said...

Thank you so much for including my leopard pillow in your post! :)

grasshoppercafe said...

So much fun to read! I have a little drawer with all the tiny treasures I've collected and want to cherish. Some of them are handmade and some are vintage. Little heart locks and old dice and a wire heart with my initials in it. Love to look through it.

Andrea Holding said...

Fabulous read! I could spend all day with these treasures! The cupid box is too sweet!

BabyTweeds said...

What an amazing blog! I am so honored and flattered to have my shop featured! This is such a great way to start the day and to start Fall!

tracy said...

Awesome!! Thanks Maggie for bringing all the above items to us :)

Miss Farfalla said...

Extraordinary collection of beauties! Just amazing! Lovely selections & suggestions! Thanks for doing this Maggie!!

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