Monday, July 1, 2013

Hints from a Fellow Gardener

As beginning gardeners, my husband and I are constantly looking up information, reading books, and seeking advice from fellow gardeners when it comes to our growing plants. On one such search this past weekend, I discovered a delightful YouTube channel called GardenGirltv

Surprisingly, in a world filled with YouTube uploads and Instagram feeds, dedicated garden YouTube channels are difficult to find. With GardenGirl, she has an array of videos to choose from when it comes to gardening as well as tips on planting and even food creations from harvested produce. With a fun, old school opening at the beginning of most videos, you can see her love for gardening shine through each video. Below are two videos giving helpful hints for gardening and planting. 

Starting Seeds Using Toilet Paper Rolls.

How to Check for Sun Exposure

Where do you go for your gardening tips? Do you learn as you go or research before you even start? Let me know your thoughts and resources below! 
Happy gardening to all!


Jen said...

My Mom is a Master Gardener so she's usually a good resource for gardening tips. I'll tune in to Gardengirltv for others, whenever i get a garden that is!

Niftic Vintage said...

Wonderful tips, fabulous videos! Thanks for the inspiration!

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