Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mirror Mirror: The Fairest Fall Finds

Mirror, mirror

Do tell all
Show us the fairest of the fall.

Fall colors and reflections held in the brilliant beauty of glass. Art worthy shapes reflecting the changing colors of the season. Pieces of glass, useful, dazzling, admired, the fairest for fall.





Golds and Greens and Clear Glass Reflections

Clear Glass and Reflections


A Member in the Circle of Eve, Ani & Rose

Your turn in the Circle may be soon, as EveTeam members are featured here, and other shopkeepers. Ani and Rose, EtsyVintageElite team members, are two vintage lovers and hunters! Their shop, aniandrose, is one of the largest, most wonderfully eclectic, vintage boutiques on Etsy. From vintage phones to wingtip shoes, mink hats to garden spray guns, everything is presented in the best of light!

Serious Shopkeepers who love Serious Fun.

Ani was the spokesperson for this duo, who are obviously sharp business women who run a tip-top shop with over 400 items and 1000+ sales in just two years. Serious? Yes. Dedicated to their customers? Yes. All work and no play? No way. They are the ideal vintage lovers who work hard and truly enjoy their adventures. And, they have some personal stories of their own vintage loves.

Ani and Rose are two of those who really do turn off the road at a sighting of a piece of rust, and it's Ani who is the rust lover, and the one who wears high heels when she shops! Rose loves found objects, and makes time for healthy habits and cups of tea. She wears moccasins when she shops. (What a sight these two must be at the vintage fairs!)
As much as they love vintage, they also love the camaraderie of fellow vintage seekers. Meeting new "characters", as Ani says, is also the fun of their hunt. One can imagine the laughs and stories, and all the new friends, they bring home along with their finds. And don't be suprised if Ani brings home another camera, her passion. She loves every one in her treasured collection, and still dreams about a real beauty she passed by years ago. You'll see some of Ani's great cameras in the shop.

Fun-loving and personable, they have families and friends who share and support their vintage passion. Family gatherings and day-to-day activities center around the wonderful pieces and  efforts for their fabulous aniandrose shop. Look for some high-heeled, moccasin wearing ladies at the roadside sales, listen to the laughs and friendly conversations, and you'll feel the true heart of the work and pleasure of vintage, the hearts of Ani and Rose.


From aniandrose, click and love.
Wingtip Shoes
Animal Horn
Singer Sewing Machine
Wool Connemera Blanket
Lady Baltimore Luggage
Garden Spray Jar
Kodak Movie Camera
Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann Andy


CamBon said...

Thank you for including my little gold mirrors...I'm blessed to have such a lovely group of people behind me...God Bless you all.

Story Tellers Vintage said...

I am loving those shoes!!

Andrea Holding said...

What a fabulous read this is. The glass selections are amazing indeed! Thanks, Maggie!

Callooh Callay said...

Such an incredible collection! Thanks so much for including my necklace.

CakeNumber9 said...

Maggie! LOVE this post... great item selection and arrangement!
Aniandrose, so good to read about you and your shop! I allways wear mountain sneakers when i'm hunting, gess it's theme related! :P

OceansideCastleVintage said...

A feast for the eyes! Stunning selections. Thanks so much Maggie.

Diane said...

What a wonderful post to the blog - I love the photos & the writing by Aniandrose. Thanks so much Maggie - you're the best :)

Fourth Coast Vintage

Niftic Vintage said...

How fabulous Maggie, such beauty here! I enjoyed the post with Ani and Rose as well, thanks for a peak into what makes that shop tick!

gazaboo said...

Fabulous blog post and such wonderful items. Ani and Rose are fabulous as well. The great fun they have searching for vintage finds shows in their super etsy shop.
Thanks Maggie !!

Whimzy Thyme said...

Wonderful collection of gorgeous glass. Also love reading about Ani and Rose. Wow, so many sales - that is fabulous. Thanks so much Maggie for doing such a terrific job on keeping us informed and entertained. You're the best.

Miss Magpie's Shoppe said...
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Miss Magpie's Shoppe said...

Maggie, you have such talent..........our blog is simply beautiful. Well done!

Anathalia said...

Oh my, I have a thing for mirrors, so this post was just awesome! ;) And I loved reading about Ani & Rose!

Tracy Mcdaniel said...

I love old mirrors! Wonderful post & perfect blog picks! Love those buttons too!

Rachelamb said...

I love colored glass and you've spotted some beauties! Great to read about Ani and Rose too!!

ani & Rose said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this article! You did such a great job!

I love this team!

Miss Farfalla said...

Love this! The mirrors are so beautiful... glassware stunning! And Ani & Rose... how charming! Wonderful post!

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