Friday, May 24, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow. . .

A Time to Sow!
For the next few weeks, I will be talking about some of my favorite topics - gardening, how our garden is progressing, and sharing ideas and fun garden tips! This first post is an introduction to our garden, and where my husband and I live. For those of you who do not know the geography of Southern California, there is an area east of L.A. called the High Desert.

There are lots of small towns and plenty of fresh air. Tall, craggy mountains line the skyline and dirt paths wind through the desert terrain and can lead anywhere or nowhere. This is where we live, and and where our garden thrives.

So, you ask, why do we garden? For for a lot of reasons! It not only provides plenty of invigorating exercise, it also brings us lots of joy as we see new greens spring to life. In the long run, this garden will bring in a huge amount of food that will save those dollars on our grocery bill. I can't tell you how much I love looking out our window at the fresh bright plants poking out of the ground.

The beauty of it is we are constantly learning as we go.  Of course we have had some issues to work out due to heat, lack of nutrition in the soil, and other challenges. As we learn about each plant in our garden we know we have a chance to bring beauty and life back to the soil on our land.

We are planning and expanding our seasonal planting times in order to have veggies all year long. Right now, we have quite a lot of plants growing, but over the next few weeks, we will also be planting seeds at different times to provide a variety of food over a span of months. Our goal is to plant everywhere on our property, including fruit trees AND a greenhouse.

For this series on the EVE blog, we would love to dialog and support other gardeners. If you have comments, questions or a garden story you would like to share, please let us know in the comments!
Hope you all have a fantastic spring day!

After spending time in the garden ;)


Niftic Vintage said...

Fabulous fun, gardening is something I loved in the past and hope to embrace in the future.

BeeJayKay said...

Fun summertime activity! I love to Dig around in the dirt!

HilltopTimes said...

A time to sow. Your words are magical- making me appreciate the wonder of plants and gardens, and all the fruits they bear. I am envious of your dirty, garden paws! Great post, and looking forward to seeing the veggies as they steam in the pot for dinner!

shaun mohr said...

There is nothing quite as satisfying as garden dirt under your fingernails! You have inspired me to get my seedlings in the ground :)

Story Tellers Vintage said...

Amanda have fun digging this season! We've just planted fruit trees ourselves here in Nor Cal and can't wait to harvest our garden veggies!

Kathi said...

So excited to get working in the garden, we've had such a cold season things are a little behind. Lots of flowers here but also tomatoes, peppers, herbs and greens. Nothing tastes better than fresh from the garden goodies. Except chocolate.

jen said...

Awesome, Amanda! I'm in an apt. so the best I've been able to do is grow herbs in the windowsill. Still, it is really thrilling to see them pop up and thrive. I tried planting peppers and tomatoes one year in pots but it didn't work out very well. I got one pepper and zero tomatoes. lol
Looking forward to seeing the (literal) fruits of your labor as the season progresses!

Andrea Holding said...

How utterly inspiring! I'm off to the nursery in the morning. Thanks for this wonderful post, Amanda!

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