Friday, April 12, 2013

EVE Team Spring Special - Put a Bird On It

Ceramic bird plate, Yell & Panic

"I'm not a bird watcher; I'm a birder."

That's a quote from my mother who has been 'birding' in our hometown for 30 years. She knows every single bird in the area, usually by the sound its makes. There are so many birds in the tree outside my bedroom window that their songs actually wake me up! It's amazing to me that an entire season can actually be heralded in by such tiny creatures. And yet every year, like clockwork, they shout out gleefully the end of winter and the budding glorious days of spring.

Behold: the power of birding as only the Etsy Vintage Elite Team can do it!

From left to right, top row: ceramic owl, Wise Apple; bird print, Mothra Sue; porcelain bird, Cab Art VintageMiddle row: wooden pelican, Salt & Ginger; vintage bird cage, Mary Beth Hale; bird sculpture, Owl Song VintageBottom row: illustrated bird cards, Vintage Curiosity Shop; Victorian bird locket, Wicked Darling; candlestick holders, Wretched Shekels.


Julia said...

Wonderful! Birds are everywhere in decor and fashion this spring and these are some great examples!

Story Tellers Vintage said...

Such a sweet mother is the same way :)
Love all these little birdies!

gazaboo said...

Beautiful finds to usher in the spring season!
Thanks Elise!

ace faced said...

Birds....I love that I hear them chirping away in the morning when I wake up now. Great finds Elise!

HilltopTimes said...

Bird Beauties! Birding can be enjoyed in so many ways... what a wonderful post of wonderful bird finds. tweet tweet.

CakeNumber9 said...

Fabulous post! I love everything with birds and of course, real birds, but only if they're on their natural environment (=free) :):)

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