Monday, May 28, 2012

Today's Simple Weddings

The Vintage Wedding, Circa 1910
An original photograph
Many of today's weddings are casual yet elegant, rustic affairs. They are events with a natural, laid back style with simple planning and classic selections.

Where to start to create perfection? Vintage.

In place of a dress wear a pair of 1950's fitted slacks, and for his jacket trade it for a 70's classy tee and vest. Or, perhaps, a free-flowing, sheer skirt and peasant blouse of the 60's, and a long-sleeved, crisp, cotton shirt for him.

Wildflower Wedding Invitation:
Classic and Casual Meet Vintage
Create your invitations with soft, aged colors, natural fibers, almost informal, but formal. Personalization is key, so invite your guests with your own words along with the beautiful paper and enclosures.

The decor? Make sure it is sweet yet sophisticated, just a little old fashioned, and festive. Your wedding celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so surround yourself and family and friends with only the best. You probably have a color theme, and keep it in mind when selecting items. And remember that casual decor often means "less is better", so allow your featured decorations to be noticed and admired, and not lost among "too much".

 What to look for, how to include unique features? Ah, it is your wedding so think of the usual and make it unusual. You want it to be natural and personal. A piece of elegant and simple jewelry is always a casual wedding "must". If no family jewelry is in your jewel box, find a vintage piece that will become an heirloom, and you'll be the first to wear it. For celebration trims and accents, consider narrow, long ribbons and open worked lace, large and light colored shells. Also, simply feathers, small flower petals in clear glass cups, and use pastel colors, miniature bows and small bells. Remember bird themes that always give a light and airy feeling, classic white pieces among the pastels, natural wood features, and natural fabrics for easy swags and accents. And petite bundles of herbs along with dainty flowers are wonderful, and use items with flowing lines, rounded corners, and don't forget the fruit and wine in honey colored baskets. All for a perfect, casual wedding.


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Great read with lots of wonderful tips. Wedding really don't have to bankrupt you. So many fabulous finds on Etsy.

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